Electric Vehicles in Nairobi, Kenya

I have known there are electric vehicles in Kenya, never met one though. I’d love to meet one and find out whether they prefer their coffee instant or brewed. Anyway, seeing electric vehicle charging points makes it look like a reality even more as I have always wanted to own a hybrid car, and an electric car sounds even more interesting.

The current EV cars in the market look ugly. I would not compromise the beauty of a car just because it uses electricity. Then again, this is Kenya, is electricity really cheaper than petrol?

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EV’s are amazing and relatively cheap an example is Tesla which offers Premium and luxurious features in the S and and model 3 cars at a price of $60k find a Mercedes Benz S class with same features u’ll part ways with $100k and above point being we’ll get to see clean Environment with some relatively cheap EV’s With premium and luxurious features in Kenya some day

Wonder if electrics attract the same duty as other cars, are there any tax reliefs, the best thing about Kenya is if you have a 3 phase power connection the charging an EV is very quick.

Yes they are there, Alex Chamwada did a story on a guy with a Nissan Leaf

The Govt has no incentive to encourage Electric car use locally because of its entrenched interest in the Petroleum product based vehicles that bring in billions annually in revenue,from petrol charges,taxes,vehicle taxes and taxes/levies from the oil retailers…Electric cars upset the entire automotive model,Alternatively the govt will still gain from Taxing electric vehicle importation and through KPLC/Kengen (use of Electricity. Elon Musk’s vision of the Solar roofing,power pack batteries,flexible charging spots,if implemented can really change the entire industry

This is cool, would wanna own one though at the back of my head i kinda have this fear of going electrical, an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) striking Nairobi and u r stuck in the house :smiley:.,
Two questions, those charging ports in Karen, are they at a public place or are they in someone’s private compound. Then what are the power requirements for charging an electric car? In terms of Wattage and Ampheres?

If an EMP strikes Nairobi, being stuck at home is the least of your worries…

I think these outlets would be put in a mall or somewhere of the sort, so people can charge while they shop. Putting it in a public place, people will be charging used rechargeable batteries to go sell… Kenyans…


Who’s going to pay for the electricity bill? Or they will bill the user per minute or per usage?

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Don’t be suprised when they formulate laws to discourage importation of EVs. They might impose a tax policy that night require EV cars to pay more.

Honda Insight EVs are becoming popular. There is one in my court where I live and on a weekly basis I spot one more on the road. These cars especially the Tesla models have super fast chargers it takes you less than 60 minutes to charge that car. Besides, their charging mechanism is not meant to consume a lot of electricity. Imagine spending 500bob to fully charge your car for 70kms of driving .

However, I hope big car makers like Land Rover and Toyota can come up with hybrid versions of their SUVs. Something like Range Rover or Prado that runs on both petrol/diesel and electricity.

This makes those two seater electric cars make too much sense right now. Imagine someone who commuted because owning a car meant a loan plus fuel, a cost they weren’t ready to deal with when combined.

There’s a good number of Hybrids from Toyota and Subaru. Haven’t seen any from Range Rover. Toyota have the Harrier (Lexus RX**h) as a Hybrid variant, also Subaru have a number of hybrids.

However, no hybrid for the big machines. I wonder how they would do on electric motor seeing that they require a lot of power to operate.

Yeah but as you know it these Hybrids will heavily be discouraged from entering the market.

True ao have just read about Lexus Hybrid. Range Rover has one coming soon.

Maybe I am not the target demographic for stuff like this but i still think 500 for 70Km is a little high. I spend about 200 a day to cover 56 KM on commute and I’ve structured my days such that I am not inconvenienced without a car.

Would still try them out tho

That’s a fuel efficient car…I do the same commute at around 500 Bob. For me the Electric/hybrid would be a saver.

Is that a Vitz or Belta? Please let me know the model so I can advice one of my sibling mwenye anataka kununua gari and economy on mafuta ndiyo number one kwa list.

All EVs have a range less than 200Km per charge, so forget kuenda coast.

Yeah I know SGR starts in less than a week.

They are nice town vehicles. Some like Teslas allow you to charge right away from the normal mains, so unatafuta places you can charge like two spots along the way. With a full battery charge in 60 mins max, hapo you can wait keeping in mind the huge savings.