Electric cars for Africa

These scientists in Germany have their heart in the right place, but I think they assume too much. They have developed an electric car that will cost Kshs 1.2 million before tax, to solve mobility problems for rural Africans. Doesn’t end there, the car is charged via the standard wall charger for 7 hours, and that takes you 80kms before needing to be charged again. It’s four wheel and carries two. No doors or windows.

Ouch!!! Rural areas stima haikuagi stable. At least, they should sort this.

just seen it has a solar panel too. Nice.

Glorified Golf Cart? Savage :joy::joy::joy:


They should have tried an electric probox and not for rural but for Peri Urban residents.
Since this is an electric car post I have a question, Kenya power connects houses to single phase and light industries or flats to 3 phase, so will a Tesla or any EV charge faster on the 3 phase,is the super charger equivalent to our 450KV connections from KP to say welders or posho mills