EazzyPay Slices Deeper into Mpesa's Playground

Guys yesterday I saw on K24 News that data from the CAK suggests that EazzyPay is increasingly becoming a mobile payment solution of choice to most Kenyans. At present, CAK (as reported in the news) suggests that EazzyPay transactions now represent 23% of all mobile phone money transactions. Given that it is a service that was commercially launched in 2015 after a year-long court battle with Safaricom, 23% is such a tremendous achievement.

I’m not sure whether Safaricom is seeing this as a threat or not. Only a matter of time.

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Still long way to go, most of eazzy payments are to Mpesa anyway, plus they don’t yet have the agent network of mpesa, I think CAK should require that the paybill numbers be standard for all mobile platforms that would really give equitel a push forward.


I beg to deffer. Equity Agents are all over. Right outside my doorstep, yes Mpesa agents are in large numbers but you’ll notice for every two Mpesa Agents there is one Equity Agent doubling or tripling up as an Mpesa, Equity, and Co-op Agent.

I know most transactions are to Mpesa but you’ll notice that such people attract Mpesa users to embrace Equity services. I have influenced a few including 3 siblings of mine.

Please expound on this.

From what I understand, same paybill number for a merchant be used across mobile payment providers, which can be something.

Then who will be the holder of funds deposited to a common Paybill number? The Bank or the Paybill number can belong to Mpesa and anyone can pay using any mobile payment service?

Well, if it is that way, you know how Safaricom is stingy and such a service can attract cross network fees.

Paying bills on EazzyPay is FREE.

I mean that the same way airtel and safcom use 544 for data, equitel and saf can use say 888888 for kplc, the paybill will act as a mobile money id for kplc,

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This actually makes it easier for users to recognize popular codes for payments and services. No confusion, I like it.

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For accountability purposes this is not possible. A paybill number is unique to a company/individual the same way KRA PINS are unique to individuals/non-individuals(companies). These are what identify one company/subsidiary of a company from another with each paybill/till number being tied to their own unique deposit account. For two or more companies to share one paybill/till number would mean they would also share one deposit account number of which no company would agree to such.

You are confusing USSD codes with Paybill numbers these are two different things. FYI Equitel has a standard paybill number for all its accounts i.e. 247247 and its USSD code is *247#. What you are proposing can happen in USSD codes not paybills/tills

Now I get you. Equitel is great. I don’t even know the PayBill numbers for KPLC, GOtv, Nairobi Water etc. Everything is just there in the menu. Select and paybill.

I have to agree with @deewinc. Almost 90% of the Mpesa agents I frequent operate as an Equity Agent too.

They have probably surpassed Airtel agents by now (In my town, this is true)

They are growing fast.

  • M-pesa is 10 years old.

  • Eazzypay is 2 years old (or less)

I remember reading that during the launch, they were registering 1000 agents per day which is impressive.

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He is correct. He has just mentioned *544# as an example of what PayBill numbers should be.

For example *544# is now used by every network. At least to make things simple for those that have switched networks.

For PayBill it is possible. But then again, someone with 888888 like KPLC has low chances of securing such a PayBill on let’s say Co-op since there is no way you can reserve the PayBill. Some are left for highest bidders like unique mobile numbers.

This discussion is making me seriously consider switching to EazzyPay from M-Pesa. But, PayBill numbers are still a thing and I don’t know if I can use EazzyPay to pay for my shopping at a supermarket.

If it’s for normal bills like KPLC et al. you don’t need to cram PayBill numbers. EazzyPay makes it easy for you. Just use the Pay Bill menu and everything is there. KPLC etc etc. And paying bills is free :grin::grin::grin:

For Super Markets they now support EazzyPay. Very easy to use.

By far. There is no Airtel Money agent back in my village. But Equity Agents are in nearly all Mpesa outlets. Back here in Nairobi, I know of two in a forest of Mpesa/Equity/Co-op agents outside our estate.

In special cases it is possible to customize paybill numbers to whatever figure you like i’m not disputing that. What i’m clarifying here is it is not possible to have many companies use one paybill number for a particular service. i.e. CO-OP, NBK, KCB, Equity bank etc cannot all have one paybill number for a service they all provide in common such as “deposit cash to personal bank accounts” simply because paybill numbers are attached to one transaction deposit account associated with the company. Try and register a Till number you will get what i’m saying. Myself i have registered my company till number and it is attached to my company bank account. If another company was to be given the same till number as mine then all cash transacted to that company would automatically be deposited to my company bank account. Hope umeshika sasa.

That is so true.

Equity Agents are quite many but I’m frequently met with the dreaded “sina float.” I estimate that these agents that have Mpesa, kcb mtaani, coop jirani, and equity allocate more than 70% of their float to their Mpesa business. Sometimes they don’t even remember to replenish their equity reserves.

Not yet encountered any Equity Agent mwenye hana float. But may be on that area more customers prefer mpesa to other mobile banking services. So its crucial they have a good float on mpesa.

This can be implemented by using a wallet system. Same paybill but a different wallet for each provider- Airtel, Equitel, Telkom. The transaction code becomes the unique IS which will determine which amount goes where. This can be done in the back end so the agents or users aren’t involved.

Safcon would never agree as they are dominant (for the moment) so it would be upto the other players to come together. Once more people move to competitors maybe safcon will change their ways