DSTV Targeting IPTV Sellers by Having Their Social Media Pages Terminated

I have picked up a post on Buyer Beware that Multichoice is reporting Facebook Fanpages of people that are IPTV decoders. The funny thing is, Facebook has decided to take down such pages. The guy claims that he sells IPTVs only and nothing related to Multichoice products. So he was ashtonished to receive a take down notice of his page referencing Multichoice as the cause of the problem.


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They are fighting a battle they lost kitambo. All they do is affirm being tethered to a Dish died with the Post Office.

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DSTV should have jumped on the iptv bandwagon as soon as the internet became economically viable for consumers to stream whatever they wanted. I think they tried it but tied it to their existing packages, like you could only stream content if you had an active dish account with them (same thing that kwese is doing) but that was doomed to fail. In an open market like we have now and the availability of internet, people are going to get the entertainment they want no matter what Multichoice tries to do. Going after “small fish” only shows how unprepared they are to deal with emerging threats.

It is this kind of reactionary business models that take giant companies down to their knees and quite often cause their shutdown or acquisition by companies that know what they are doing. I’m sure Amazon has their eyes glued on the slow demise of Multichoice. When the time is right they’ll swoop in and buy the company for pennies on the dollar.

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DSTV Go is a sign that DSTV is adapting albeit slowly. They look like they are in a transition but while at it they still want to make sure they kill any potential source of competition even to their old/traditional business model. You have to understand that they are currently torn between the thousands of dish owners that make a majority of their revenue base or an emerging IPTv customer base that will never pay 8K for a premium package by any means. One dish customer equals 7 Netflix customers. Do the math. I also think the day HBO will decide to cross boarders could be the day we put a nail on that coffin.

It’s hard to beat pirated content especially on price( you can get a good IPTV service for as low as Ksh. 500). Why do you say HBO will be the end of Dstv?

IMO availability matters more than price. In a small market like ours you’ll find that some shows are still not available legally. So the pirate stream that’s constantly buffering becomes much more appealing.

Yes, that too is a reason why most of us turn to pirated content.

the new trend is one subscribes to one streaming service i.e Netflix then pirate the rest of the content and use an application like Plex to serve up that content to your respective screens.

Lol! It’s just funny that a person can sell pirated IPTV and claim to be surprised when the rights holder cracks down. That’s why they are sold chini ya maji. Reminds me of this recent article where Sony has taken a guy to court for selling jailbroken PS4’s on ebay of all places.

Exactly. So much wishful thinking ati multichoice will collapse due to some cheap IPTV. It’s the giant 10,000-pound gorilla in Africa’s media industry with dominant products in satellite, terrestrial, OTT streaming and probably soon IPTV with DSTV Now. The internet is not quite the game changer everyone thinks it is, that is unless you are willing to go down the vpn, kodi, plex, illegal IPTV, android pirate apps route. It’s easy for techies but for almost everyone else it’s a no. So most people will just stick to TV, Bootleg DVD’s, DSTV, Showmax, iflix, and the limited catalogue Netflix we have not because they don’t want to access better content but it’s just too nerdy for them and that’s why multichoice will continue to dominate.