DStv Slashes subscription fees, does that mean something to you?

Been a while since DStv was a topic here, mainly because of Video on demand and streaming services that make DStv such an expensive option. Price change doesn’t get to the lowest level it has been, especially for the premium package, but there is some that have had a significant cut. Does it mean anything for you that there is a price reduction?

Not good enough. I pay £6 a month for US, UK and Canadian channels. Most of them in HD. Plus access to all sporting and PPV events. VOD is extensive. I am not budging.

Not good enough. I get my content elsewhere.

Which Provider is this…

I (We) want a sports only bundle fullstop.

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the moment DSTV Kenya realize that i only need a pure sports only package/bundle with EPL and Champions League for Ksh 2,000 a month that i can stream over their DSTV Now app for Android TV/Android without having to buy a decoder that i can quickly subscribe online and pay via MPESA or credit/debit card,that’s the day their fortunes in Kenya will change…Until then,i will stick to my usual ways of watching football.


Problem is they don’t have autonomy to make that decision. It has to be Multichoice .za.

Unfortunately you are right,All these desicions are being made at Multichoice HQ in SA.

Helix hosting

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Very true, to many of us, Supersport is the only reason we care about dstv. The decoder-dish business belongs to the past

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I have taken a 48 Hours Trial but This thing keeps buffering like every minute. FYI I have a 5 mbps Safaricom Package. What am I missing here…

5mbps ni kidogo Sana baba change to silver package 10mbps hakuna buffering

You are right
5Mbps haiwezi…