DSTV Now poor quality

Has anyone been able to get good quality live TV streaming using DSTV Now (both the app and website)? I have been getting terrible quality, 240p, despite choosing 1080p in the settings. Am using the 30mbps Zuku package. I would use Supersport app/website to stream but was discontinued. Streaming from Supersport app/website was flawless, true 1080 till they moved streaming to Dstv now. All other streaming services work fine. I have been to a certain South African forum and they’re now discussing 4K streaming testing on DSTV now. Sisi huku Kenya bado ni 240p.

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Yes, I have the same issue too.

This is not only an issue with DSTv but also with Kwese and Startimes there is a mess in video quality and i dont just understand why this treat is on customers

same here, would have taken a screenshot but the app doesn’t allow my phone to do so

Kuuliza tu…are you guys using normal bundles or you’re on worldcup dedicated bundles?

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Using WiFi

Same issue on Safaricom faiba

I am enjoying streaming on Startimes App using Faiba 4G. I have rarely had issues - I have watched games in standard definition but also HD and Ultra HD

Would this mean that the said services are exhausting pipe space for content that’s hosted/streamed from foreign servers?

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