DStv Introduces DStv Streaming

A few months ago we heard about DStv’s plan to introduce packages that only requires an internet connection as opposed to being tied to traditional dish+decoder plans.

The company has now introduced the service in Kenya. Sadly, prices are same as those using Dish+Decoder. That means some of us will continue sharing accounts to those using Dish+Decoder setups.

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They killed it before it even took off…

I have just received an update that the prices will be reviewed when it’s officially launched.

This is DOA here, no real value proposition.
Add Sports only then we can talk.

I thought this is when prices should be very friendly to encourage onboarding…

I thought so too. Let’s hope they’ll offer reasonable prices.

All sports channels available as it is on the normal packages.

I have just received another update that prices will remain the same.

So what new thing will it be introduced. Already people can stream using the DSTV App.

If prices remain the same then the person who goes purely for streaming gets a raw deal coz the one with satellite will have access to 2 options (Satellite and Streaming).

Exactly. They might choose to end streaming for lower priced plans and leave it in the most expensive options. For example, Premium subscribers get Showmax Pro for free. So, they might limit streaming in Compact Plus and Premium and remove it from the other plans.

I wouldn’t put this past them. Earlier this year, they started limiting streaming to a single device at a time.

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Reminds me of the those days (analogue) local broadcasters were against digital migration. Now it’s digital tv fighting against Internet streaming. How things change


Had high hopes, but now its all down the drain. :frowning: