DSLR Camera Reccomendations Budget 30k

I would like to get a DSLR Camera. My question is if its possible with a budget of 30k or should I just rest easy until I get good money. Use would be personal so not a professional thing. I am also curious if it would be better to just get a phone like POCO F1.

I bought my Panasonic lumix G7 on amazon for usd 470 accompanied by a free tripod, free bag, free 64 gb sd card (that can record 4k video) extra battary and many more. Now on the other hand today if you go to any camera shop in Nairobi, that same camera goes for 80k plus. My point is do not buy local.

I have the poco and it has a great camera. But nothing beats the versatility a dslr gives you. Interchangeable lenses. (wide, tele photo, zoom, etc). But then again, it depends on what you intend on shooting.

People, nature the question is price not versatility. I agree I would prefer a DSLR but those things are mostly out of my price range at the moment

Then get the pocophone

Unless you are looking at the second hand market, you can’t get a DSLR witha 30k budget. If you are not trying much professional work I recommend you go with either Pocophone or Nokia 8, both great cameraphones.

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Coincidentally as I was on TextBook Centre’s website the other day I noticed a Canoon EOS 4000D thats going for 29,500 /=. But what I always keep in mind about products/tech is “what if I can add another X amount” of money what can I get? Even if it’s not new as @Dahir has indicated.

What I know will be pretty expensive and you will need to prioritise is quality glass …

Just share what you know… Already. No need for Teasers…

I also realized for every cost of a cheap DSLR you have to add 20 to 30k for a decent lens :worried:

Ok lets start with lenses …

  • 16 - 35 mm - Potraits

  • 24 - 70 mm - Landscape/Scenery Photography

  • 70 - 200 mm - Animal Photography/ isolated things …

For the body.
A Sony A7, A7… Yes it’s expensive but it’s one the cheapest way to get into Full Frame plus its light as it is mirror-less

But, also need say that you have to get out there and shoot with what you have …Learn some of the key concepts F-stops, Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO, Filters, Placement when taking your photos using a grid …

Yes you will have to use manual mode or worse look for an app that gives you such control but you will be a step further in understanding the art …

Full frame is out of the question for that price point lol. He should try APSC sensor

I have noticed that Canon have some of the more affordable lenses. A 50mm 1.8 is 15k while a Nikkor is almost 30k. The larger lenses are steeper.

Checkout some here http://bit.ly/2P6yhgi

I actually have two very very good DSLRs that I use including three lenses. I have gotten quite good at adjusting those settings athough I dont pay notice to what they mean. The thing is the two cameras are for work so I had no idea about the cost involved in acquiring them. The reason I wanted my own camera is because I only use the work cameras on work duties.

Peter Mckinnon. I learn a lot from his videos, especially on framing. @Adrian_Teri I have been tasked with acquiring a mic for recording videos. Do you have any suggestions?

Shotgun mics by Rode? I don’t have enough experience to make a recommendation but I can point you in the right direction …

Are you looking for mics and recorders that are close to who/what you are recording like in interviews?

Video from Tony & Chelsea Northrup may a little dated but useful …

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Get the takstar sgc 598. I have it and it can keep its own with the rode mics. Its also super cheap. I got mine for 25 dollars

Its a shotgun mic.