Driverless buses now gone live in Singapore

Here we are, driverless buses in Singapore, will this be a good case study for viability in Nairobi ama tungoje kabisa Sonko atoke gavana?

Lol,driverless buses and vehicles will not happen in Nairobi or anywhere in Kenya anytime soon.First we just dont have the roads built for this technology.Second,its a huge ask to ask kenyans to get into a vehicle or a bus that either they are not driving or don’t see anyone driving it.A huge culture shift locally is needed to even have this take off locally.So its safe to say,as long as Sonko is Nairobi Governor,these things will not happen.On a positive note,it is now possible to book a bus via an app,like SWVL and Little shuttle and the service is taking off and growing rapidly in Nairobi so far.App based Mass transit is the future i tell ya.

This won’t really hit because it’s profit driven. Real mass transit works when the main aim is to move people, not make a profit. This way large buses get to move more people, and will leave the bus stop at the expected time whether empty or full.

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When i say the future i mean,imagine the app based model implemented on BRT or Light rail…like the way Uber is reimagining transit by including Mass transit options in their app especially in the US where users can buy bus and train tickets as well as book their cab options as a last mile.In Kenya,that means Uber Kenya including Bus shuttle and Train Services on top of the current bodaboda and taxi options to make it a one stop shop for all things urban transit…