Download Prisma for Android app APK here!

Prisma is the most hyped (and rightly so) new mobile app in the world right now after the phenomenal Pokemon Go. It launched on iOS a few weeks ago to a resounding reception. Now it is coming to Android (it’s still in beta). Yesterday, the Russian team behind the popular photo-editing app which promises to blow Instagram filters out of the water using Artificial Intelligence promised to release the beta version of the app to anyone who cared to subscribe to its newsletter on its website. 24 hours after I did that, I am yet to get my invite to try out Prisma but guess what? It’s the internet, people. Thanks to that, you can grab the Prisma for Android app APK HERE (Google Drive link) or the ever reliable APK Mirror.


It appears that Prisma has shut down the beta. Anyone trying to turn their dingy selfies into artistic pieces is being met by this:

That was fun while it lasted.

Hey! In case you haven’t seen this, Prisma hit the play store a few hours ago.