Does it matter to you what colour your smartphone is?

Rose gold is the latest fad. Last year it was just the gold colour. White smartphones used to be cool too some time back. There have even been some pink smartphones mostly targeted at the female audience or promoting special causes associated with the colour like breast cancer. Question is, does colour really matter to you? I know quite a number of people who’ll just pick a blue smartphone if it was the one that was available at the store/shop when they went to make their purchase and others who wouldn’t touch anything that is not grey, black or white. Are you one of those?

I wouldn’t mind any colour, however, if I were to pick, it would be black, or space grey or any dark colour. :sunglasses:

I like white phones, I however won’t mind a phone with cases for every colour to match my handbags.

Mwanaume ni kubuy simu Nyeusi

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totally unrelated though - @echenze do you think I should buy a j7? I have a HTC desire 626 and its wearing me off…I need change.

J7 anyday! It’s one of the few smartphones that won me over this year. Above average specs, great battery life and flawless software. Only the camera is so-so (not exceptionally good and not bad either, just there). For its price, if you ask me, there is little competition.

Thanks @echenze I am no HD photographer so as long as its camera can get anywhere close to what I use I am getting it.

Seeing as I’m buying the phone, I get a colour I like… Got the Space Gray, white/rose gold nah!

Ukitaka kula nguruwe, chagua aliyenona. Go for Rose Gold, or what the rest of us refer to as Pink.

This is how Serpent told Eve, “eat this fruit…”

dark colours are better and more appropriate

People who like dark colours on smartphones are the same ones who eat chicken feet.

Of course yes! As for me, Black or White color is the perfect :ok_hand:

I would never buy a white phone ata na dawa :laughing:

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Come ooon! @Omgitsdes
Believe you me I used to hate white but this is my second white device. Lovely!

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unless the front part is black :laughing:

With these bezel-less phones, the white part you wont even remember it!

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I love black but some colours Samsung has been playing with look enticing. For instance, that Lilac Purple on the S9, my God!