Does having a /01 at the end of my IMEI mean I am being tapped?

So Esther Passaris (and many others) think that if your IMEI ends with /01 or /02, it means that your phone has been tapped. I get it, with all the cyber security threats and news going around, it is easy for anyone to belive this. Well, here’s two things that she should know:

Before we proceed, you can check your IMEI number by dialing *#06#. Most Samsung users will notice that "they have been tapped"

1. This is a fallacy. A very big one at that.
This rumour has been going round for a while now, and here’s the truth. The last digits after the IMEI number, that are usually denoted as /01 or /02 are known as the Software Version Number (SVN).
The SVN is often displayed at the end of the IMEI, which is then named IMEISV.
While, for any given phone, the IMEI is constant,the SVN can change after software update.
This is to say that /01 means software version 1 and /02 means software version 2.

The risks involved with sharing your IMEI online are endless, from having your IMEI number stolen (yes, someone can use your IMEI number on their phone) to locking you out of using your own phone. Malicious indivuduals could even report your phone (using your IMEI) as stolen, thus you get blocked and rendering your device useless. IMEI theft is also possible, it is not a secret that there are tools that enable people to change the IMEI numbers on devices, and publicly sharing your IMEI number could just help someone somewhere create a knock-off device.
Duplicate IMEIs also present the risk of hacking, as the IMEI number is what your phone is identified with and with tech advancements, someone can easily spoof your device through your IMEI number.

Based on what we know from the Privacy International report on surveillance in Kenya, having your mobile phone tapped is as dangerous as being labelled a suspect by the police.

Very reckless comment especially coming from a politician.

All phones are sleeper tracking devices. Unless you completely remove the battery, you can and will be surveilled. If you have a phone with an non-removable battery, wewe kwisha.