Do you use Google Now on your Android device?

Google Now has been available since July 2012 when it arrived with Android Jelly Bean. While it is always there, it is purely an opt-in service. You may or may not choose to allow Google’s algorithms to sift through your data and present information to you in an easy to digest format. With Android 6, Google Now is even smarter than ever before thanks to Now on Tap, a new feature that provides contextual information instantly. I’ve used Google Now since it became available. I like it. It alerts me when Manchester United is playing, keeps me informed of the scores in case I’m not watching the game, tracks my itinerary when I’m travelling and provides some handy information like places to visit in a new city/country, currency exchange rates, weather conditions, flight schedule, Spotify playlists etc. What about you?

  • I use Google Now regularly
  • I hardly use Google Now
  • I’ve never used Google Now
  • I used Google Now and gave up on it
  • I don’t find much use for Google Now
  • I fear for my privacy so I keep off Google Now

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PS: I know Google Now also works on the desktop through the Chrome browser but that’s not my focus right now. Mobile today is everything.

Google Now is a hoax if it doesn’t tell you the hard truths also.