Do you think your cracked screen could be the reason you're single?

So, I was looking for a certain article when I came aross this particular article that I wrote at the beginning of February 2017.

The article was based on a survey that claimed single people with broken screens could attribute their singleness to their phones.

The survey also revealed that people using iPhones are 21 times more likely to look down upon those using Android powered devices - well we didn’t need a survey to know this - however, Android people aren’t innocent as well. They too are 15 times more likes to look down upon iPhone users (I do).

So question is, do you think the phone you are using and the condition it’s in, could affect how people view you? Also,do you judge people based on their phones?

I think it is true for guys. A phone gives you the same judgement you are bound to received based on your shoes or car. Personally, I don’t have a car, but I had an old android Galaxy Mini that I had used for 5 years until I replaced it last year with an A7 2016 after missing a Note 5 Dual Sim.

I noticed the change from the time I was buying the phone to interacting with my friends. The same is also true for iPhone users, you’ll get more attention but for power users an iPhone is not a device of choice. I successfully managed to convert two of my friends from using Apple products to Samsung. One moved from an iPhone 6 to the S7 and the other moved from using iPads to Galaxy Tab pro and the deference she experienced was huge.

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iphones are for suckers…