Do you prefer 3 button or gesture navigation in your Android phones?

Ideally, I would have loved to do a poll but since it’s not allowed, putting up a post here. Needless to say that navigation is a core part of our phone experience. Till couple of years back, everyone was using 3 button navigation that worked well. But since I started using gesture navigations (swipe up for home, swipe right for back), I hate using 3 button navigation.

Recently, I got my Dad a new phone and while setting it up, asked him to try Gesture navigation which he absolutely refused to. He’s very happy with the old 3 button system. I am sure, he is not alone.

Just curious to understand what navigation system you prefer using and why? As for me, I find gesture navigation to be much faster and modern. Plus I love having some extra screen real estate not being occupied by buttons. What are your reasons for liking (or hating) gesture navigations?



It’s been over year but I have never looked back. Gestures all the way

Never liked gestures

Preferred Android Navigation Options
  • 3 Button
  • Gesture Navigation

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Personally i love the two button navigation that came with Android 9,
I’m still having difficulty adjusting to the gesture navigation

I definitely prefer gesture navigation mainly for the screen real estate and some times I find it easier to swipe back rather than fumble my finger from middle of the screen to the bottom especially if you have a large phone.

I have recently bought the Poco m3 smartphone with Dimensity 700 chipset and this is the first time I got gesture navigation. Well, I love the three buttons more.

Gestures navigation on MIUI is extremely simple and fast. On other phones I would still use the buttons.

Ha! Can never go back to three button navigation. Also, devices are getting bigger by the day, just look at these 7 inch monstrosities from the Transsion families, so it feels annoying fumbling back down to the bottom of the screen just to hit back on some pages.
Some devices you can even hold the back gesture, swipe on screen edges and hold that is, to switch to the previous app.

So, gesture navigation all the way for me, can’t look back.

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This logic is confusing

If phones have gotten bigger, doesn’t it make more sense to stay at the bottom for everything? I mean that is where the navigation bar is.

It’s not confusing. Devices are not only getting bigger but also with thin bezels. Holding a big phone at the middle is safer and ergonomically right. Therefore, gestures save you from moving up and down to reach normal functions.


Is there any OEM with a gesture combination that doesn’t require swiping from bottom to go home? If so, the argument makes sense for those devices only. If not, you’ll still be allover the screen for navigation, more than with buttons

Tried using Gesture Navigation but found it was way tedious than simply using the Buttons… On Samsung S9+…

Not sure though how this is implemented by other OEMs

I used miui gestures all of last year. I loved them.If you know anything about miui gestures, they are among the best on Android. But to be honest, it wasn’t because they made things easier or faster. It was the novelty factor. I got bored and came back to 3 buttons, where I am much more faster.

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Gesture is great once you get used to it and saves a minimal amount of time too.


How is the performance of the Poco smartphone with its Dimensity chipset? Is it good in gaming?

Yeah, this is really interesting and has great features. The performance of the Dimensity 700 chipset is actually quite good.