Do you prefer 3 button or gesture navigation in your Android phones?

Ideally, I would have loved to do a poll but since it’s not allowed, putting up a post here. Needless to say that navigation is a core part of our phone experience. Till couple of years back, everyone was using 3 button navigation that worked well. But since I started using gesture navigations (swipe up for home, swipe right for back), I hate using 3 button navigation.

Recently, I got my Dad a new phone and while setting it up, asked him to try Gesture navigation which he absolutely refused to. He’s very happy with the old 3 button system. I am sure, he is not alone.

Just curious to understand what navigation system you prefer using and why? As for me, I find gesture navigation to be much faster and modern. Plus I love having some extra screen real estate not being occupied by buttons. What are your reasons for liking (or hating) gesture navigations?

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It’s been over year but I have never looked back. Gestures all the way

Never liked gestures

Preferred Android Navigation Options
  • 3 Button
  • Gesture Navigation

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Personally i love the two button navigation that came with Android 9,
I’m still having difficulty adjusting to the gesture navigation

I definitely prefer gesture navigation mainly for the screen real estate and some times I find it easier to swipe back rather than fumble my finger from middle of the screen to the bottom especially if you have a large phone.