Do you exercise?

Curious, how do you people handle exercise, if that exists in your vocabulary?

I realized that people who spend long hours on computers barely ever find time or think about exercising. I usually get some motivation and do push-ups and sit-ups in the bedroom, probably 4 days a month. Sometimes I watch exercise videos (girls, usually), but the purpose for that may or may not be for learning new ways to exercise.

Well, I do pushups and sit-ups once in a while. Probably 15 days in a month.

My job entails a lot of manual labor. Also, I perform numerous body weight exercises 6 days a week and cycle at least 4 hours per week. My cardiovascular fitness is fantastic. In fact it’s difficult for me to put on any body fat. I’m always at my optimum BMI. Thank God I’m not an office guy. My brother does office work and he struggles a lot with body weight issues.

I am in construction, currently I have 6 sites between 4 & 18 floors high which I have to inspect 6 days a week, mind you there is no lift, I am standing 99% of the time the 1% is when in transit between the sites, so yeah that’s enough exercise for me.

ile kitambi niko nayo. Ni Mungu tu :joy::joy::joy:

Swimming is the only exercise I get. But rarely.

But I work in film and when I’m on set I’m constantly on my feet all day! Sometimes I do as many as 50k steps in a 12 hour work day.

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Equivalent to like 30kms. Great

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I do none…and thankfully kitambi bado.

I do exercise, push-ups 3 times a week

Daily walk or run for a combined 8KM a day. Occasional 15-30KM hike every two weeks. Hikes combine various fitness activities plus a chance to practice my passion.

I found the gym wasn’t working for me. Outdoors is a much better motivator…

I run mostly, up to 30kms a week. And some weight lifting twice a week. I won’t survive the office life if I dont exercise.

Your username :thinking:

I exercise for around an hour 3 days a week following the Stronglifts 5x5 program. It’s simple, you don’t have to spend hours doing random exercises a week. No complicated equipment or trainer needed too, though you should definitely take the time to read/watch their guide so you do exercises safely. They even have an app!

I have a push-up timetable, Morning and evening 30 push ups each and walk at least 2km in any of the weekend. Its working very well, its almost 3 years on that timetable

i exercise a little bit,probably lots of walking and standing,a bit of running…average of 4 kilometres and 2 hours each day of each…