Do you buy apps? Have you ever bought an application on your phone?

So we all use smartphones. On smartphones, we interact with applications. Heck, it is just apps that we use on our phones. From the browser to the camera to the gallery to contacts. There are very many applications on whichever platform you use. Some free some premium. Have you ever bought any of those? Even one?

I have bought an application once and the code i was given did not work but my card was charged…I have never done it again :disappointed:

I don’t have an issue buying app.

  • I hate apps that use ads. So i don’t mind giving up the equivalent of a cup of java coffee to get a better experience.
  • I Developers have to eat, so I am glad to support independent developers. However if the app is crap, or has poor support (look at reviews, and frequency of updates), then I will pass on spending my money on the app.
  • I buy about 2-3 apps per month

I have never bought an app.

I do not have any plans to buy any apps.

I have bought one app I think. Reason is not that I wouldn’t spend money on one, but somehow I almost always never have a card that can make payments online. I don’t use a credit card and all the banks I use have limits on debit cards, overprotective. The one app I bought was when I was testing carrier billing on Microsoft store and Safaricom.

Guess I really need to take the bold step. I’d love to support brilliant work who’s results I enjoy using.

I have bought apps twice:

1st time was a Symbian App: Gravity which consolidated Twitter, Facebook, Google Reader and FourSquare in one app. Beautifully executed, extremely functional and added immense value to my social media experience. Was saddened when the developer stopped supporting the app when Symbian begun it’s decline.

2nd app is money wiz. I use the Amazon App store as well, and every so often, they offer a paid app for free. That’s how in Nov 2014 I landed with MoneyWiz, a personal finance app. I used this for a number of months and was very satisfied with the experience despite a few glitches. This year in July, they released a new version significantly different from the original that they charged anew. I bought the new app and after a few teething problems, have settled in quite well.

I’m happy to pay for tech that works well and makes a difference in my day to day life. I use prepaid cards for online transactions (Naivas Visa Card) and since my exposure is limited, I’m happy to experiment.