Do not Buy Safaricom's Weekly Giga Bundle if you have an Active Daily Bundle

So yesterday morning I decided to purchase 1 GB blaze bundle to top up another one that was expiring (around 400 MB). I used my renewed bundle until the roll-over 400 MB was depleted.

At around 11 AM, I decided to purchase a 10 GB weekly Giga bundle for 1k since my Faiba was misbehaving, and I wanted to watch “Enola Holmes” on Netflix and “Raised by Wolves” series (both good content, you should check them out). I hoped that the 1 GB daily bundle would be used first since it had shorter expiry, and it was obviously purchased earlier.

Around 3 PM, I decided to check how much “gebees” my binge-watching had consumed, and to my surprise, Safaricom had decided to consume my weekly bundle and left the daily sub untouched. I put my phone on airplane mode just to trigger the system to use daily bundle. The problem persisted, and I decided to contact Safaricom.

I contacted 4 Safaricom agents via call, whereby the first two told me they had fixed the issue and that I should restart my phone. The third agent had the audacity to say to me that the reason weekly Giga bundle was being consumed was because I had turned on tethering :joy: :joy: :joy: aki ya nani, and she even hung up on me because I told her it doesn’t work like that.

Finally, the last customer care agent admitted that it was a system issue, and she escalated the problem to the technical team. Today Safaricom called me and told me that the system chose weekly Giga since it was a discounted offer. Yaani 10GB for 1k is a discounted offer, whereas you can get a 30 GB weekly bundle for the same price on Faiba :man_facepalming:t2: :joy:. However, they reversed my 100 bob since the daily bundle had already expired.

So, for those who have no time to read, Weekly Giga Bundle will always be prioritized over daily bundles since it is a “discounted” offer. Be Wary!

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Discounted offer tangu lini :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Hii ungeeka hapo Twitter. Though I have a weekly bundle and bought the Power Hour to do some updates na haija gusa powerhour.

Kama weekly ulibuy ni giga sahau power hour :joy::joy: