Do Kenyan ISP's Sell your Browsing Data?

I have noticed that every time I visit a certain site, like maybe Jumia, I usually get ad’s of items that I was looking at. This to me feels similar to what the Congress just approved in USA. (

More likely it’s cookies set by other sites where you looked for those kind of items. To be sure, repeat the exercise using an ‘incognito’ window - and if you still get ads which you think are appropriate, then yes, it’s your ISP.

Google Ads… Tracking cookies…

It’s a matter of when, not if.

Well I tried what you said, and the ads were still the same(exactly what I looked at on the shopping site)

Kenyan ISPs are not yet on that level as the advertiser market locally for such data has not matured much…Right now local advertisers are more focused on marketing on Google,Twitter and Facebook platforms which make more sense.

Yeah, what @sarunibm said. If you do Google searches while logged into your Google account, the cookies generated affect the ads you see almost everywhere that Google shows ads as long as you are logged in (Google knows it’s you) or, at the very least, you use the browser with those cookies still there.

I read that article about the complete annihilation of privacy in the U.S. – it’s really scary stuff. No wonder VPN providers are doing big business over there.