Do I need to get a Macbook?

My HP laptop is starting to lag. It has done this before and it is frustrating when it is the primary tool for work. It maxes out the CPU clock for no apparent reason. It did this before and I reinstalled windows and Kaspersky and it was all fine. This is my third Windows laptop and they all seem to have issues after about a year of usage. I have heard Mac doesn’t lag at all. I am not the biggest Apple fan but right now it does not seem like a bad idea.


If you want more from what you are paying for, I would recommend you get a high end windows laptop. Maybe razor if you need a little gaming, Asus and Dell also have excellent high end PCs which are cheaper than the equivalent mac. The good thing about Mac is its keyboard, speakers, and select few software which dont come cheap. Just read and watch reviews, especially kina Dave Lee (dave 2d) on youtube and PCmag or techradar. Dont just pour your hard earned cash on mac cuz someone recommended it after comparing it with a cheap windows PCs.

Every machine gets slow with time. MacBooks get the latest OS on launch and this doesn’t help with speed. I suggest adding more RAM. Solves most speed issues.

Only unless you have very specific needs that can only be met on a MacBook (developing iOS apps, Final Cut Pro or Logic Pro) you’d be better off with a similarly specced windows machine.

How often do you run updates on the machine?

First of all, what are the specs on the machine?


Machines becoming slow most of the time (80%) is software(updates, rogue apps etc) related the other time is hardware related eg your hard drive is failing, unless you are a user that does usual comp stuff and design stuff getting a mac is not a bad idea, otherwise with the same amount you can get a very good laptop

It is an i3 with 4GB ram 500gb HDD running windows 10.

I don’t even game. I just run normal day to day applications. MS suite, SPSS, Stata for data analysis, Occasionally I use Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

With every update I guess. I am constantly on non-metered networks so I assume it does updates as they come.

Locally I’m looking at Lenovo T470, Lenovo Y520 or the Dell Inspiron 15 7000. I’d be happy with Xiaomi Notebook Pro but oh well.


throw more ram at it if you can afford. Windows and even MacOSx gets bloated with time, i guess they have never figured out how to keep the registry clean. with 8gb of ram you should be good.
Also could be the AV Kaspersky. Windows defender does a fine enough job for me, the load of two antivirus engines could be an issue.

Wow! These laptops have a fair price. It is very rare to see Kenyan laptop shops without inflated prices.

That is the same amount you’d pay if you imported that Dell Inspiron 15 laptop.

The only downnside is the Dell is already outdated.

For the same price you can get the new and shiny Dell G7 15 laptop with the latest i7 hex core processor, 8GB, 256GB SSD and a GTX 1060 Max Q.

You can always buy another 8GB RAM stick and a 2.5’ HDD later.

In case you decide to get a new laptop, aim to get one with at least a core i5 7th gen or greater, at least 8GB RAM and a solid state drive(SSD). I think this is the minimum for anyone buying a productivity laptop in 2018.

The SSD is very very important for program launch speeds and booting. They are 5-15 times faster than a hard drive.

Switching from HDD to SSD is the most noticeable upgrade anyone can make in my opinion.

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This is the problem right here. Upgrading your RAM to 8 or 16 gigs should be your major priority.


This is a fact not an opinion.

Throw an ssd and optionally some ram in there and it will feel like a new machine.

If you are going to buy a new one @General has nailed it. Or go with a MacBook, they don’t have a reputation as premium computers for nothing. If you are used to windows they also support windows natively and you can get the best of both worlds with dual boot or vm.

The OS upgrades are free not compulsory so you can hang back and update it when you feel like.

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I also thought of getting a macbook but I have always worked on windows so I took the same budget and went for a Lenovo Legion 720, it’s a gaming laptop so the specs are sick at i7, 16GB ram, 8GB graphics, 1000GB ssd, and the screen I went for 1080, there was 4k but it does not work well with my CAD software, I have had it for 1 year and I have not experienced any lag.

I think you meant 1000GB HDD (1TB) not SSD

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SSD 1024 GB, the alternative was 2TB HDD, but I understand ssd is faster for CAD so I chose it.
There was a Legion Y920 with 32GB ram and 2TB ssd but the price was tears

Eish boss, on Amazon Prime this same Lenovo Y720 Core i7 laptop with 8GB RAM / 256GB PCIe SSD goes for 127,000/-, at the Lenovo website it goes for 99,999/- and on Microsoft store its 119,900/-
Hii yako ya 16GB RAM /1TB SSD ulinunua how much?

I have a few tips,add that ram to 8GB and above,maybe change that HDD to SSD drive and update the Windows 10 version,also make sure you do some routine maintainance/software optimization from time to time.Otherwise you really dont need a macbook unless you are building apps for the iOS or Mac ecosystem.A high spec windows laptop is advisable,preferably a core i5 or core i7,at least 8GB of RAM with an NVIDIA or AMD GPU and an SSD hard drive,that will serve you pretty well for a while.

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