Do all LTE devices support 4G+?

While you’d have heard about Safaricom’s 4G+ every now and then during the past few months, it’s still not a mainstream technology in Kenya. The 4G+ or LTE-Advanced is basically a Carrier Aggregation (CA) technology wherein different 4G bands can be aggregated and used more efficiently to deliver faster internet speeds… more than 100Mbps to be precise. There could be several analogies to explain this concept, but the simplest one would be to consider the network as a highway, which has multiple lanes ala spectrum. More the lanes or the spectrum, faster would be the traffic and vice versa. The technology also helps the operators to combine their different spectrums. REF - TechT

As you all know, safaricom doesn’t elaborate differences between the 4G & 4G+ devices since technology on 4G+ is advanced and obviously not all devices will support it.
Now, the question is, which devices are currently equipped to be able to comply with this 4G+?.


I think it should be at the least a CAT 6 device. For safaricom i think they do a 2 carrier aggregation(using spectrum on the 1800 and the 800). I’m not an expert so…


for LTE Advanced to work on a smartphone, the device itself must support connection to more than one band of LTE at the same time… Something called MIMO (Multi input, multi output). Most of devices (like mine) have Cat 9 4g radio but does not offer support for Multi input signals. Most Sammy devices support LTE_A, but outside that, not many claim it.

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true… Saw that somewhere

Few devices have LTE Cat 6, wacha hata LTE Cat 9. Mnaeza hesabika :joy::joy::joy:

I thought LTE Cat 6 and above the device should be 4G+ capable?

Most? I don’t think so.

I thought tuko wengi :joy::joy::joy:

sio OEMs wote uweka the necessary hardware requirements for LTE_A… Most just put basic antennas and leave it at that. for example, samsung put 4g+ capability kwa A5 2017 but A7 2017 has no support. despite that it’s superior and capable.

Well… you’re wrong!
I really don’t understand how these manufactures spread the capabilities because not even all latest phones support the 4G+

Me too… ata ndio nimerealize something as important as that is not enabled in all devices with capable chipsets… aii… things to consider next time am buying a phone: CPU, LTE modem and its agregation capabilities (ama niongojee tu 5G devices :joy::joy: )… nini ile ingine they always think we dont care… HiFi na FM support (sijui why I dislike devices without FMs, maybe ni juu nikienda ocha natakaga kuskiza radio kwa raha zangu… watu wa ocha tutaumia sana soon :smile: ), ooh, na headphone jack.


I really hate to see FM Radio to go from Smartphones!

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Amazing. My A7 2016 has 4G+ If that is the case then too bad.

So far I know of a few Samsung and Nokia smartphones that support 4G+

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GSMArena says it does support CAT 6 LTE and also supports LTE on band 3(1800) and 20(800).

well, maybe kuna version ingine but when I was using it nilizurura westy karibu safaricom (since hapo ndio niliskia 4g+ ilipatikana last :laughing: ) na haikushika. ukicheck sim status ilikua inaonyesha tu LTE.

wanasema iko na LTE_A ya two carrier aggregation… according to testing sijawahi connect 4g+ and I tested it ma dec na jan before I switched to another device

Without Disclosing my cellphone info, I see 4G+ hata nikiwa maskani- Thika Road

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confirmed… gsm might be lying… somehow… or sammy A720 has a reviewers version with a working lte-a … this confirms that :point_down:

…but the A7 2016 has it (@deewinc has confirmed this ). Its highly unlikely the A7 2017 doesn’t have it. Ama unatumia a clone?

hahah :joy::joy::joy: maze wacha kunionea… i got it at samsung store and its registered… with all knox security and stuff… na ilipata pia Nougat zingine zikipata… trust me, haijawahi shika 4g+. and nothing else was wrong. A friend of mine with A5 2017 enjoys 4g+… raises so many questions… maybe ilikua ikishika bila kuonyesha :laughing: but ukicheck sim status kwa about phone inastahili ioneshe type of network connected. Maybe @deewinc aseme ya 2016 ikishika ilikua ina indicate wapi. Curretly my girlfriend uses it but juu yee hutumia Faiba hatujatest 4g+ ya safcom lately.

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