DIY Video Conferencing Solutions on Smart TVs

So due to the Pandemic,a lot of businesses and organizations are exploring and utilizing Smart TVs and TV screens as part of their video conferencing equipment to support them doing calls on different platforms like Google Meet,Zoom Cloud Meetings,Skype and Microsoft Teams amongst others.The typical setups i have seen are using a TV screen and a system unit powered by windows where the webcam/microphone setup is connected to the system unit and the apps installed on the PC in such a way that the TV Screen becomes the monitor.
So at our organization,we have been testing out a minimalist setup comprising of Sony Android TV (65 inch and 55 inch) and Logitech C925e HD webcam with microphone.Since the Sony Smart TV is running android,i installed the native versions of Google Meet,Zoom Cloud Meetings,Microsoft Teams and Skype…All of them were installed and configured accordingly and the setup seems to be working well so far,i have deployed extra apps like set orientation to help with forcing some apps to do landscape.
I am still testing as i see this as a promising DIY solution before the organization fully adopts proper equipment and its really simple and very clutter free.I used Send file to TV app to send the apks to the TV and file manager to install them,both apps are available and free on the google playstore.In my testing i have been using wifi although this coming week i will deploy ethernet connections for faster speeds.I am interested to see how the apps will handle multiple users and also test out the microphone aspects.
I wish to get the thoughts of the Techweez guys since i believe this solution especially if Microsoft,Google and Zoom make their android apps compatible with android tv could really empower organizations and small businesses to deploy this across their organization.This setup actually cost less than 100k, 30k for the webcam and 60k for the TV,the audio comes out through the TV speakers and most of these setups are either mounted on a wall or on a portable trolley.

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