Disappearing Photos on Note 8


Some Photos keep randomly disappearing from Note 8. Cant see them in Gallery or under DCIM on PC. Anyone knows how to recover the Photos, or a Permanent Fix to this

Do you have Google photos? Have you set automatic backup and archiving? Check your photos on Google photos or Samsung cloud backup to see if they are there. Those two do that when asked to do so. Otherwise it might be a bug but I haven’t heard it anywhere.
Also, Samsung has junk cleaner and you might have included photos in the files to be “cleaned.”


Unfortunately the Photos werent backed up. Some Photos are there from the same period in question. Just that some are missing.

is it the DCIM folder which has been affected? there is a time I used to clean cache in a sammy and some photos would disappear, double check the settings and where these photos are saved.

The Photos were initially saved in the Phone Storage, then later on changed to SD Card Storage. Both DCIM files are still there with some Photos. Just that some Photos Disappeared on their own volition over time

ooh, I think they were deleted as junk after being moved or the mem card was somehow corrupted.

FYI Ican see the thumbnails of the photos that are missing from Gallery or DCIM folder

definitely a corrupt SD imo. Format sd card and start over :grin::grin:

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Probably a third party app that asks you to clear temp/duplicate files and some photos are automatically selected. Review your installed apps, especially file managers.

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