Digital Migration,More than 2 years later..Your thoughts? FTA Channels,Bamba TV e.t.c

So its been more than 2 years since digital migration happened in Kenya.My personal opinion is it has been a success.We have more players in the broadcast space,considering TV stations have increased to more than 50 on the FTA side.Pay TV players like Startimes have emerged and are growing rapidly taking over mad marketshare from perenial players like DSTV (Multichoice),Kwese Sports has some broadcast rights for EPL and NBA and are broadcasting countrywide live for free on signet.Bamba Sport have local football league rights and broadcast games live on KISS TV and Bamba Sport.Some FTA HD channels have emerged like KISS TV which plays lots of local and international music.Most of guys on the Pay TV side now have affordable access to Al Jazeera,DW,Bloomberg,France24,BBC,RT,NHK amongst other international channels,depending on platform of course.Guys like Bamba TV have a one time fee and monetize through ads after,i wonder if they will add more channels to their offerings.Going forward Digital Migration to DVBT2 is supposed to enhance tv viewing experience for all kenyans buy offering us variety and quality.We hope for emergence of more HD quality TV stations locally and improved 24/7 local broadcasting.I applaud local players like KBC who have new channels like Y254,Universities like KU have a TV station,KTN has another 24/7 local news network.Interesting stations like Border TV,Parastatal TV and others that are showing lots of local content over both Signet,ADN and PANG platforms.We hope for more interactive features like populated tv guides e.t.c.There is still a long way to go in terms of extending coverage and increasing the number of households but its all a step in the right direction.

It’s a success but we still got a problem with channel duplication like a these players offering more than one same channel sijui mara signet ktn pang ktn actually this need to be addressed coz when paying those are counted as separate channels next is signal and picture quality fluctuations i admit we not there yet but hapa we need some intervention coz the providers with good picture quality are charging high
Digital tvs are also on the rise which is awesome and most are dropping prices yes we Digital migration is a success but we are not yet there fully so far i can rate it at 70%

Well,channel duplication is because tv stations are now using different signal distributors to get their channels across the country.Not all signal distributors have coverage in all areas of the country.Some,like Signet and PANG are covering a lot more areas in the country but their signal quality is not upto par,Some providers like BAMBA and ADN are covering the major areas and their Signal quality is way better.All providers are broadcasting on mostly SD quality which means most people with HD quality screens will feel the signal quality is underpar.All providers also need to work on their signal strength and coverage but its all improving in time.Digital migration cut the actual cost of launching a TV station by separating the distribution of the tv signal from the TV stations,that means after acquiring a tv license,one establishes a tv studio headquartered somewhere,gets their content up and running then decides which signal distributor to pay to broadcast their signal…Signal distributors are independent companies like PANG(Chinese Owned),Signet(Govt Owned),BAMBA(Standard Group) and ADN( Consortium of NMG,Standard Group,Royal Media).

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Kiss and Bamba Sport switch between 576i SD and 1080i HD when they feel like. Currently no FTA is on 720i or 1080i


I have also noted that but at least we can see its possible for TV stations to broadcast in 720i and 1080i if they want to.


I wanted to get a good FTA decoder. Any suggestions or recommendations?

I use Bamba tv and I can’t complain. They say you access more channels when you register and I did that, but somehow it says I haven’t registered.

Bamba is one of the best if not the best FTA set top box I have come across in terms of variety. The biggest thing I dislike about it is retiring channels without warning. They also like to rearrange channels A LOT!! One day your favorite channel is a certain number then the next day it’s a position or more higher or lower. Why don’t they allocate fixed numbers for their channels? Unfortunately all this shuffling happens automatically without any input whatsoever from the user.

i wish bamba tv added more channels though,they have such a great platform to start with.

Has anyone else noticed something about the sound quality between the platforms., sound quality on ADN ain’t that good, u can compare by watching Citizen/NTV on ADN and on Signet., only that Signet NTV n Signet Citizen for some reason keep going offline even when the signal is strong
However ts different on DStv, sound quality for local channels on DStv is superb and i feel even surpasses BAMBA, Signet and PANG, but the picture quality isn’t rich. Would like to know what goes on from the time the signal starts from the broadcaster to the signal distributor

I also wonder if existing local channels will start offering Video on Demand and/or other Value Added Services through DVB T2

Finally, I feel that there’s still a lot of potential in TV, channels start from Channel 21 to 69, and some TVs even have Channel 5 to 12., but occupied Channels are between Channel 23 and 44, and still not all channels between 23-44 are occupied., meaning we are using less than half of the available capacity in the Kenyan DVB-TV2 space. I think the main challenge now is for existing and future stations to generate content that is appealing to Kenyans from all corners of the nation

there is also need to improve the tv guide sections by populating it with information,a few local HD channels could also be a plus…the dvbt2 technology is still being tested and experimented on locally but it has lots of potential,including providing internet and VOD Services,all that interactive TV stuff it has the ability to provide that.@Iamtembo you are right,the potential is massive,but all parties need to invest in the right content,equipment,software,services and platforms so as to provide unparalleled experiences,considering we r just 2 years in such a huge change,only time will tell in terms of improvements coming to this space.

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Just to ask why some tv stations have such horrible picture and sound quality on all platforms incuding settelite this channels Heritage, SYR and UG look so bad everywhere.