Did Sam Gichuru just reveal Kuhustle Valuation?

I don’t know, but this looks like Sam Gichuru, CEO Kuhustle meant to send direct messages to David McClure, CEO 500Startups who happens to be speaking at iHub. There are startups pitching to him and his message speaks as if to tell him Sam has something much better and worth pitching that he should cross over and listen to. He tweeted "we are a YCombinator company raising $300k at a cap of $3M"
Or am I reading too much into this?

Okay, update: I was not reading too much, he deleted the tweet.

Lol,i guess someone doesnt know how to use DM’s on Twitter…such tweets should not be sent in a public forum,he could be judged and torn by them…Oh well,you aint reading much into this,what we saw is what we got :slight_smile: