Developing "Mzito" .Awaken The sleeping Lions Awaken Africa

Who is Mzito?

The Lions are asleep.They have been asleep for too long. The Spirits of Africa
sought an end to this. Thus, they split a piece from themselves and
created Mzito.Mzito was blessed with all the potential of Africa. Tasked
with the duty of awakening the Sleeping Lions. Mzito must travel
Africa and use the skills blessed upon him to spread the new
awakening.The awakening of the sleeping Lions.

So who is Mzito? Well to put it simply …You are.

Mzito is a 2D Endless platformer adventure game for mobile currently in
development. Yes a mouthful i know. You play as mzito who is blessed
with the potential of Africa . The only potential able to awaken it.

In each Level the player is tasked with accumulating enough points by
following the vibrations ( the energy left behind by the sleeping lions)
once he has gained enough points the Lion will appear and you proceed
to awakening it.

I am making this game to inspire Africa. In our own way we are all a
version of Mzito , with the potential of awakening Africa through our
talents , skills and ideas. We all want a bright future for our continent
and Mzito embodies exactly that.

Stay tuned for Updates.

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Awaken the Sleeping Lions
Awaken Africa.


It has always been inside us roaring like a Lion…Check out the latest updates on the Mzito dev log. You will get to learn about the first of the Sleeping Lions.

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Awaken the Sleeping Lions. Awaken African

For anyone who missed it, here is the interview on Tech Central
KTN where I shared insight into the development of Mzito. Don’t forget
to share.

KTN Interview on Youtube

Who is Mzito ?
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Was this game ever published to the store @George.O.Ahere?

Appologies for the late reply . We actualy launched last last Friday ( 23rd Dec 2016) . You can find us on the playstore now and on IOS and Windows phone in a week or 2.
Here is playStore page : Mzito