Determining whether your new iPhone is new or refurbished

I’ve always heard that there are people who sell refurbished iPhones in Kenya and sometimes they are packaged so well, you can’t know the difference.

Well out of luck, I stumbled on an Apple discussion thread where someone was asking whether you can tell if an iPhone is refurbished or not.

Apparently you only need to check the first letter of your iPhone’s model number. if it is F it is a refurbished unit, M is a retail unit, N is a replacement unit and P is a personalized unit.


Just checked mine, it’s MKU92B/A. Didn’t know this.

I’ve seen this sana

So it is true! I’d like to see more product numbers from others lol

Most are Ns??

Another fun fact, on any Apple device the 3rd digit of the serial number refers to year of manufacture. 7 = 2017, 6 = 2016 and so on.

This one seems to be off. My third digit is 9. I have a 6S plus.

Strictly speaking the third digit from the serial number you gave is a U. There are inconsistencies with some devices but the formula does hold across the entire Apple range.

First five digits of the serial number tells you the full spec of your Apple device. And that makes your phone an iPhone 6S Plus with 64 gigs and finished in rose gold. Either a 2015 or 2016, I’m not 100% sure. Prove me wrong :wink:

Damn right!! 64 gigs. Rose gold. Wait! You just googled my model number!! Sneaky you!!!


My Infinix model number starts with C, what does that mean?


:joy::joy::joy::joy:… really?

:joy::joy::joy::joy: smh