Delivery to gps in kenya

I had a chance to visit china earlier this year and one thing that caught my attention is online purchases deliveries, they have a delivery plan where your purchase is delivered to your GPS location, china like Kenya lacks a proper addressing system and the delivery method solves the issue, something like pizza delivery was quick and delivered on a bike something that can be done in Kenya.
I wish this would pick up in Kenya seeing the poor addressing in Mombasa where even the area name is unclear leave alone the street or the house and you have to direct the dial a delivery guy buy landmarks.

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Great idea. That can work.

Wait until Google maps leads you to a swamp like i experienced a couple of weeks ago .


Really? I beg to respectfully disagree. There are handheld GPS gadgets that are not related to Google Maps in anyway. My first encounter with GPS was with a Garmin eTrex, that was over ten years ago. I believe Google Maps was yet to hit the mass market. It had the ability to navigate on a straight line without loaded maps,however, if you purchased maps, you’d navigate through major roads.

Google maps led us into a private property last weekend in Mombasa and we were headed to SGR Station.

Fortunately we had time.

Problem is GPS may not direct you on the roads to use, give you a correct point but there has to be human intervention.

haha I experienced the same thing last month in Meru. Google Maps can be trash… can you imagine it was guiding me the opposite direction?

Google Maps once led me directly to the Central Bank Gate (Nairobi). They probably wanted me dead.


Haha I have never had issues although I noted in Uber for example there is an option to share your exact location with the driver but most drivers never seem to find their way without calling at every turn, also on Android phones you can see options to increase accuracy by using WiFi, gps (most turn this off tsave power) then we have AGOS, GLONASS I still think delivery to GPS is very viable, last week I was able to direct a Kenya power guy to my house by sharing good coordinates if Kenya power can do it then any other company can do it.

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I also got lost in mombasa using google maps in mombasa.I was looking for swahili box it lead me to swahili cultural centre .mind you i have never been in mombasa before it was shitty experience.

Let’s not blame Google maps so much. Google allows businesses and organizations to correct their locations on Google Maps. Most of these organizations unapata hakuna mtu anaeza shughulika ku correct position/location on the map.

HERE maps team used to send humans on fact finding missions and map setting. Everything added, especially public spaces and roads is verified by their team. I met them sometime back.

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No wonder some people claimed that HERE is more reliable than Gmaps. Too bad Nokia lost traction. Here is no longer as good as it was with the original Nokia.