Deezer shared plans

I’m thinking about subscribing to deezer family plan in an effort to save money. I need 5 people each willing to pay 150/month for the premium.

In short, you want to save 350 a month?

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Most guys hapa pay for premium deezer ya 500 or buy family accounts za Spotify online. I understand 500 inaeza kua too much when one is starting kuhustle. But don’t worry, I am not advising you pirate music, but its the starting point kama hautaki headache ya family-managed accounts. Soon, hio 500 ya premium utakua unaiona kama normal bills like water, rent, stima, or NHIF. Small steps :baby:

It may not seem like much, but it’s 70%, in a year, that’s around 4200. I’m only 20, with no permanent source of income, i have to maximize the little i have.

That’s good advice. Also can you share more on buying spotify family accounts

@martingicheru can tell you more about Spotify family subscription.

I pay 250 for apple music per month and its legit

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If you’re 20 years I’m assuming you’re in school. If not then i apologize in advance. But if you really are in university then all you need is to get apple music and apply as a student account. All you need is a school email and you’ll be charged 250 per month for 4 years straight. The downside is that you need a debit card that does online payments. Go to kcb and open an account. It will cost less than 1000. Then request they enable the online purchases feature which is mostly disabled.

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There is a few cards you could use, KCB, NIC and a few others have prepay cards that can pay online (mostly you need to request), while Loop has had some good reviews for that purpose. But yeah, as a student, Apple music is the affordable option, and you won’t need to go through hoops to achieve.

Kindly share how to get on family plans for Spotify

Apple music requires student email and i don’t have one, i don’t even know how ti get one

Do i need a kcb account to apply for kcb pepea card

Research on your own

haha true…

yeah …of course before they give you the card you will have to open an a/c w/ them. So, if you have no a/c you will have to open one.