Dedicated platforms for interns/anyone seeking internship opportunities

There are several job listing sites in Kenya. When you look at SimilarWeb and Alexa rankings, they are among the most visited every month do we have such that cater to just interns?

Looking for internship opportunities in this country is a big headache. It’s not even easier when it’s a tech internship you’re looking for. I’ve been there before, I know.

The government is said to be working on a programme to address this but that may take a while and even then, there will still be need for such platforms.

@roomthinker asked that on Twitter and there were a couple of responses that caught my eye. A few such platforms have existed but have never taken off. Like and Which others do you know about?

I had no idea such platforms even existed. I’m used to seeing internship openings on the usual job sites and individual company recruitment portals and other places like the ICT Authority website where the Presidential Digital Talent details are posted.

I travel thru Kenya many times and its truly sad that the government and the SMB/SME marketplace have not been serious about internships. I did a 16 month Industrial Internship when I studied CompSci in Canada and it was also paid…really learnt a lot. Back then, we were getting $600 per week after completing 2 years of undergrad studies before heading out.

I find there’s not even an incentive to give interns some pocket money in Africa…at LEAST matatu fare for heaven’s sakes.

Anywho, whichever country in East Africa or sub-Saharan Africa implements a solid internship program between government, business and non-profit society will see a huge improvement in employability and marketability within their labour market which will attract more investment.

It is just sad that so many youths are idle!