Debloat Windows 10

I jumped of the #windows10 wagon and "froze" my installed instance from any updates in 1703 Creators update in 2017 not only due to professional choices(development other than MS stuff) but to a growing discontentment in how things were going.

However, the majority of devices sold(read NOT Macintosh) come with #windows10 pre-installed which makes relatives and other non-techies have no choice. As the saying goes the defaults win.

The most annoying thing in #windows10?

  1. MS forcing shoving updates on you {insert instances of force restarts}?, Performance loss as #windows10 is heavy?

  2. MS making it harder to setup #Windows with offline accounts …?

The above does not compare to the bloatware you get …Candy Crush, Skype and all the things that are non-essential (Yes MS needs to monitize #windows10 but their methods and execution I do not agree with)
Windows 10 LTSC is the currently the cleanest/bare-bones at the moment if not enterprise where you can control most things …though there are some caveats and significant costs accrued …

Now to the meat of the topic … How to debloat your instance of #windows10. Well look no further than this wonderful repo …

For users who like the Linux style of package managers installing, updating and removing programmes …