Data Recovery from a computer without hard drive

Discovered major organizations in the country completely destroy their computers (some just 3 year old tech) out of the fear that company data can be recovered. In the spirit of sustainability wouldn’t it make more sense to wipe and physically destroy the hard drives only and resell / donate the computers.

Is it really possible to recover data from a computer without a hard drive?

the hard drive is where the OS and all the data resides when not being executed/when the machine is off…Once the machine is powered on,data moves to and from hard drive to RAM to processors.So i find it hard to believe data can be recovered from a computer without its hard drive.But i am open to learning from this discussion.

And where exactly would data be recovered from?

This sounds like a policy decision by someone with zero understanding of how computers work.


This is the perfect question. Recover data from where? wires? CPU? Fans? :sweat_smile:

Yes it would. Get strong electron magnets to wipe the data off the drives. Follow up by drilling numerous holes into the hard drives and dip them in an acidic solution overnight just to be safe.

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Breaking Bad :grinning::grinning::grinning:

Asked the same question. It’s a policy set by their IT team. A waste of resources.

Million dollar question. And this is a policy set by IT people working in top organizations, you would expect a better policy from them.

I suspect there is more to this story. Which IT department in this country has the budget to replace computers every three years?

I guess someone just wants to sell the company computers and milk them…

You’re right on the money.

i know one

Yep,probably true…

Where do I drop of my cv?

A former employer of mine was running a fifteen year old email server. And when we finally got around to replacing user pcs’ the budget ran into a couple million shillings.