Data privacy in some Kenyan apps

I came across multiple threads on twitter by @ code_wizard and I am flat out disappointed and left wondering how safe is our data?


It’s not a bad thing that this conversation is coming up, for those who will pick lessons, they will improve how they work with Kenyans, while Kenyans will also be aware what they need to know when using some of these apps.

But that said, some of this was unnecessary, since the apps already declare why they need to read your SMS. What needs to come up is the data protection discourse that will lead to a comprehensive data protection law.

The lapses highlighted are a condemnation of both the developers and the project managers that signed off on that work.

My biggest worry is that majority (if not all) banking apps in the country are handled by one developer. On the other hand the average Kenyan doesn’t even know their right to privacy as given under the constitution.