Data Manager for Airtel , Telkom and Faiba

I find it really annoying that Safaricom is the only one with the Data Manager feature.(The one that stops your credo from being used)

Plus it’s trivial to implement such a feature.
Ama how much do kina Airtel and such make from people’s credo? :joy::joy:

Someone start a petition or smthng :sweat_smile:, given how late the “You data balance is depleted” message arrives.


Your Ex allowed you to manage your money wisely and save. Now your two wives don’t, they finish everything mpaka savings. But Kwa ex sirudi, tunavumilia.



mm hujiuliza hii data manager ni pesaa gapi wakenya wanaweza changa tuinunue a victim of 1000kes…

IKR :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

So about this topic, I got a Telkom home plan line about a week ago. Just found out that when you finish your bundle no airtime is used for browsing until you buy another bundle. However you can use the airtime for calls text and sms as usual.
I wonder why they don’t have the same option for the normal 077 lines

Discrimination :joy::joy::joy:



By the looks of it Airtel probably will never have it…
That “issue is being looked into” seems to generic of an answer :joy::joy::joy: plus they have been saying that for ages
Hopefuly the new guys in town Telkom and Faiba implement it.


Telkom have done It

That place where you have to restart your phone after buying a new bundle will be a bummer, but better this than nothing at all… I like this


This is a life saver.

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Finally, thank God. :yum:
BTW you don’t need to restart if you are having issues, just go to Settings> SIM card then turn the sim having issues on then off or alternatively turn airplane mode on then off


Yea, this one av seen is the more convenient option coz it’s just there when you slide down the notifications


That’s an epic UX fail whichever way you put it.


True, even Saf somtimes back had this issue. But i still have to give credit to Telkom for the Data manager, though they have been blowing loads of cash this year :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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Not really. The session info needs to change so the server can switch your browsing modes. Works the same way when you buy bundles via Telkom’s Web Portal - need to disconnect and re-connect for the bundles to take effect.

Safaricom’s data manager doesn’t make the user jump through hoops like that. That alone implies that Telkom’s implementation is inadequate in that regard.


We’re making some progress.

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Took a century, but here we are. Airtel users can confirm it works.

Faiba app now has a data manager toggle .Wondering when Airtel will catch up to all their customers and not select few.