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So guyz this thread is about alerting guyz on which apps have embraced dark mode, like today I opened Instagram and it’s on Dark Mode by default. Google Playstore also has auto updated and it’s dark mode by default. I love this dark mode stuff and would like to see more of it. What other app has embraced dark mode on your phone?

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Get all the updates here. We’ve been keeping track.

Is it dark mode (dark grey) or amoled (pitch black)? I have disabled my devices dark mode since I can’t stand black apps

Instagram is pitch black while playstore is dark grey

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My eyes can only handle grey or dark grey. Like YouTube dark mode. I have to avoid pitch black apps.

This is the kind of dark mode that I don’t have to disable during the day. It looks good both in the day and at night


Yeah, pitch black isn’t for the faint-hearted. But on AMOLED screens it isn’t that terrible to look at.

Dark mode on my pocophone after updating to Miui 11. After the android 10 update, it will get way better


Unpopular Opinion: Dark Mode is Overrated!

Watu wa LCD wakae kando Kwanza :joy:… Dark mode is a life saver, kwanza at night

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I agree,dark mode is overrated esp on non-OLED phone screens,i mean black on LEDs is still under backlight so i dont see any power savings on that.

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I don’t think so. Even on my LCD display, I can say night use has been very comfortable on dark mode apps. It’s not just about energy saving.

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We have enough bad news from chupilee gavament, now this, and the way I have so many of my places dark.

:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: don’t kill me now

WhatsApp dark theme is here… :sunglasses:


In the official or beta whatsapp? Mine is up to date and I still can’t see it under chat option.

Beta version

Almost every native on MUI 11 has dark mode. This is my calendar

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*native app

You know you can simply edit your document instead of replying to correct it…