D9 Clube Pyramid Scheme new in town from Brazil

Continuing the discussion from Publiclikes.com; scam? legit? Share experiences, if any:

I’ll share this here so anyone can update here what they know about this pyramid scheme


Do not be the next SUCKER to fall into the D9 CLUB fraud. Undertake of quotas disguised as trading created by PIRAMIDEIROS. It’s not multilevel marketing. WATCH OUT!

The D9 CLUB is more of a PONZI SCHEME , which is on our fraud radar . It’s a copy of GOOBETS and BEWISETRADER .

It’s a coup dump that promises you will win between 200% and 321% … doing nothing … that’s right. Just you invest money and … see the virtual balance grow. If you recruit many SUCKERS you can earn even more and sell your virtual balance.
Virtual balance = monopoly money = $ 0.
Remember! I am a guru of Financial Pyramids . So far I have hit on GETEASY , BONUS B2C , Swiss Golden, ONLINE ALLIANCE , EYE EYES and … many other PYRAMIDS . Trust us or take a hit. You decide!

It’s not an MLM, Multilevel Marketing or Network Marketing … because in the legitimate MLM, participants are ONLY compensated for their sales and … in this scam … there is no real incentive for the sale of products in addition to the quotas and commission to recruit new SUCKERS. Which are pyramid bonuses . If you do not sell, it’s only fair that you do not win … until, because, the money does not fall from the sky and Santa Claus does not exist!

They speak of very high gains … as a way of enticing new SUCKERS!


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This is another one I’ve heard of, these things are getting many :scream::scream:

How do these things just pass me by? I have never heard of any of those schemes mentioned.

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Maybe because people don’t think you’re a sucker so they don’t bother. It’s a compliment in a way…


Maybe we can combine all these into one thread tracking all such schemes, would make a better (easier) read

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Update on this topic. Equity Bank has frozen D9 Club account.

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