Cyber security learner Needs your Advice

I am a student who is about to finish uni doing B-com, My dad recently suggested that after i am done, I can undertake a course in cyber security that is being offered. I personally am very interested in the opportunity and think highly of it, however I have never done any deep computer / IT related program and this would be my first time. I do not want to find excuses I just want solutions and Ideas of how I can undertake this Challenge.

The first thing I will tell you is do things you want. It would be a waste of resources and your time(very llimited). Do your research on the career paths …proper and substantive research that you can even document for reference.

I don’t want to put pressure on you but having a spirit of adventure and perseverance is key …I would first look at the CEH certification then something like ISACA’s CISM. Its not cheap but they hold water in the field.

Next I would to get into the software world hungry to learn and Google things …get to know tools - John the ripper, cuda hashcat, shodan, open source intelligence tools(OSINT), aircrack-ng, metaspoilt, nmap, wireshark, etc. How does WIFI work? What are the common attacks on the popular web frameworks and platforms(Wordpress, Drupal etc.)? Protocols,Protocols -> Look at the OSI model layers and their protocols…

Feed your mind quality learning content(videos) when relaxing from channels like LiveOverflow, IppSec and Hak5

Next get an internship like at Serianu to practice what you have learnt or a bug bounty program like HackerOne, look for CTF(capture the flag) competitions like the one Google has recently ran or hack the box

Also very important is to get comfortable in a *nix commandlines. Heck format your computer and install either Kali or ParrotOs today. Struggle with the issues and get accustomed to it.

Oh I forgot about the humanity factor -> social engineering aspect … I do not want make this post unbearably long. At the least you get the gist …


Thanks Adrian for taking the time to answer my question. I am starting this coursework in the coming July, I will try to do what you have suggested.

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:+1:t4: all the best in your endeavour …

I also forgot to indicate the tech world is constantly evolving and thus it’s not just a one time thing but you have to update it to reflect the current or potential future state …i.e You must keep up with the tech world :nerd_face:

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