Custom Rom in 2021 - Mi 9T

Which features from miui specifically are in there? I might ditch miui on redmi note pro. Kuna dual apps?

None of the major features, just small usability features like three finger screen shot etc.

I just want an AOSP ROM with second space, tabbed recents, and dual apps

Next year, I think I will look for a team and see whether we can make such a thing come true.

Holders of dau, I have a ask.

My Mi 9T imeleta kichwa. Over the past 2 months, I’ve noticed it getting slower, weird colour contrast changes on certain apps (like NCBA app), not updating apps automatically despite all settings being okay, hanging a lot and most annoying - and crucial - not connecting to the internet. And this is on SIM1 ya safcom. Swapped sims with Telkom and Airtel severally but to no avail.

So I decided to nuke it and factory reset it - sadly didn’t change much. Replaced my SIM card upon asking Saf customer care for help (hadn’t replaced mine in about 5 years). That seemed to help but bado nikarudi square one. Connectivity is now in the dumps and using my banking apps is imperative, not to mention my job inabidi niwe online a lot.

Now my running theory is that probably the latest update I have (MIUI 12.1.4) came with all the bugs because up to this point, I have enjoyed an absolutely seamless experience since buying it about 1 year ago. It’s either that or planned obsolescence kicked in too early.

I want to flash it at some point and install either Lineage or Pixel or even the EU MIUI version. I’m not letting go of this phone this easily. It has served me too well. What I wanna know is which OS could serve my needs best i.e.

  1. Dual apps capability
  2. Gestures
  3. Banking apps safe

Something smooth and fast with such features and none of the bloatware.

Shukrani :slightly_smiling_face:

P.S - I have already unlocked the bootloader. Took me a while to get that running. Haven’t done any sort of ROM flashing in years since my Redmi 3X.

Quick googling shows stock droid based roms don’t have this, my oneplus has it so I thought it would be widespread…

Options seem to be getting a MIUI tweaked ROM or install an app that does it like like island. Hata mimi sijashika ROMs in years kumbe tuko wengi

That is the exact update that ruined my phone. Pixel Experience Plus that I am using supports gestures, banking apps but it does not have dual apps capability built in. The only app that does not work of all I have tried is Netflix.

What exactly went wrong with yours? Wanna see if we had the same symptoms.

Might settle on trying the EU rom first then f that doesn’t solve anything, try the pixel you have.

Could you link me to the rom itself?

Phone slowed down in a very noticeable manner with freezes between animations. This was non existent before the update. Support for gesture is only when using the MIUI launcher.

The ROM i am using. . I settled on it accidentaly because the phone refused to flash TWRP, bootlooped after Lineage Os (Lineage OS was fine, the bootloop was caused by . So i just googled the next ROM and installed it.