Custom Rom in 2021 - Mi 9T

I was extremely disappointed with the new MIUI version so I decided to install a custom Rom. After two bootloops :joy: and 8 hours of trial and error I managed to do so.

I flashed the Pixel Experience 11 Plus.

Things I learnt.

  1. Windows powershell is a little bit different to Command prompt. I had to add a full stop and forward stroke to get it to work.

  2. Software is king. I now fully understand why a person would buy a Pixel.

  3. Your phone is fast, the software is not optimised. Mi 9T on the Pixel Experience is blazing fast. Multi tasking is almost iPhone levels.

  4. Battery life on this custom Rom is very good.

  5. Pixel Experience is more stable than MIUI. I have not encountered a single bug with the rom. Bugs have become quite common with the latest versions of MIUI.

  6. Xiaomi as we know it is dead. When I bought my first phone, I used to receive new MIUI updates every Friday. Thees days it is more like every six months. They have released too many devices for that to be viable.

Xiaomi + Custom Rom = perfect phone.

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:joy::joy:uko na moyo my guy. 8 hours of bootloops and headaches.
Anyway, this is great. Acha nitafute EvoX au Pixel experience ya some Tecno Camon 12 Pro I have lying about.
That I can use as a guinea pig.:joy:

Also, I have to ask, you used PowerShell to flash the GSI??

Yes, TWRP ilikataa ku install

After usha haribu phone siati kuna options anyway :joy:.

Is this a compliment? I don’t understand. Iphones have literally zero multitasking. I use miui due to multitasking (second space, dual apps, floating any app). These are things PE, EvoX, Corvus and other AOSPs dont offer readily.

Also did you try eu miui, ama it was PE express?

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Thanks for the info, I’m also bored na MIUI. I downloaded PE (Raphael) and twrp around two weeks ago, haven’t had the time to flash it. You beat me to it :laughing:. I guess I’ll do it by weekend. I was expecting Android 11 update to convince me but it didn’t. Are you using GCam or stock? Is the front cam motorizing properly? How about Volte, is it still working? FoD?

It’s a compliment. Iphones normally don’t kill apps in the background as aggressively as MIUI does. So when you are using an iPhone you can hop between 10 apps easily. It might have changed but when I was using an iPhone in 2018 that was what I enjoyed.

I prefer to switch through apps while they are still in fullscreen mode. If you do this in MIUI you will find that if you have 10 apps open, at least 4 will refresh.

I tried it once on Redmi Note 7. I have used MIUI for over three years .

I uses PE Plus. TWRP for some reason did not work, no idea why.

Make sure you have already OEM unlocked your phone.

It is honestly their worst update to date. The Android 11 on PE is one of the best android versions I have used.

I am using the camera that came with PE. It is not very good but I believe a Gcam mod will be available soon. The current MI 9T Gcam mod works with Android 10, not 11. The ROM is android 11.

I have no idea because the location I work at there is no Volte. It should be there because this is a stable version.

Yes, without any issues. Everything works perfectly.

Hii sa ndio sijui ni nini

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I hope it works on mine. Version yangu ya PE Plus ni Raphael, not Davinci, alafu pia I think TWRP yako ni different, I haven’t seen guys complaining about my version. I hope the difference might be for the better.

Fingerprint on Display

PE iko sawa. Mine is Davinci. The challenge i had that led to bootloops is flashing Gapps seperately. I initially was trying to flash lineage os.

Works very well.

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Wazi. I will flash it.

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I hate miui but the many features keep me using it. I wish second space (guest mode doesnt cut it), dual apps, and floating apps were well integrated in AOSP roms. I wouldn’t think twice.

If you ever get bored of PE, give Evolution X or Corvus. They are smooth like butter, more than PE in my opinion. They also come with GAPPs last time I checked

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Fortunately, I don’t use any of the above. The only thing am missing is double-pressing the power button to open the flashlight but I will find a solution.

I will download and keep them for when I get bored with PE.

I have also gotten an OTA update. OTA updates supported if you used a compatible recovery tool.

Bana nimepigana na GSI images kama nne so far, trying to flash a cheap Tecno that runs Android 10 as the stock firmware. Everything from bootloops, to Orange states and even a dm-verity-check fail, nikachoka.:joy:
Patched boot image using Magisk, flashed an empty vbmeta image file too, na bado. Ghasia ata kuboot ilikataa. Everything from Pixel experience, to Lineage OS, ata AOSP. Gave up

Ata Havoc iliringa. :joy::joy::skull:
And I remember thinking if they are going to make life so difficult to install Custom ROMs, si basi they put effort into making a decent UI!!!

Na mimi hapa kwa Xiaomi Pixel Experience yangu ni more stable than MIUI :joy:. Ndio maana huwa naambia watu hizi siku heri kutupa pesa than kununua simu ya Tecno.

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Transssion phones are headache, once tried to install Pixel Exlerience GSI on infinix Note 6 and only managed to install after several hours of endless fails especially the orange state. Right now am thinking of moving to Poco

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Wanna try the PE on my note 10 pro. Will update as well. Thanks for the encouragement

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The Pixel Plus adds the best features from MIUI so I found it better.