Cryptomining - Does it consume bundles? Comb me please!

Hello techies,

I’m looking at ways of diversifying my passive income sources and cryptomining using a web browser is one of the ways I’m considering to accomplish this.

I’m completely blank about crypto and I saw there is a way you can use browsers dedicated to mining crypto such as Bitcoin.

I’m always on the internet almost on a daily basis and may be I can tap on using cryto browsers to mine some Bitcoin when I’m using my PC.

I don’t mind how long it’s going to take to earn one Bitcoin but for as long as it takes something like a year to at least earn half to one Bitcoin that would be a worthy passive income venture.

So my question it, does crypto mining consume data?

Also, what are the best cryptomining platforms that use browser extensions? So far I have checked out CryptoTabBrowser. It’s a Chrome browser with a crytomining extenson.

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I once did some research about this coz am also interested in the same, i found that it doesn’t require much bundles, just a stable low-latency internet connection, preferably fibre. Right now mining has evolved into a stage where to be profitable you just have to buy dedicated hardware for that (miners) and the main challenge in Kenya right now is power prices, but you can try to counter this by investing in an alternative home power solution like a solar power system that includes the panel, batteries, charge controller and d/c-a/c inverter rated around 3000W, well will depend on the power consumption rate of the miner. But for better reliability you got to have bigger and higher rated panels, more high capacity batteries, and most probably would still need to connect it to the grid in case something happens., but it’s something that’s possible and can have huge returns, just needs high chums for investment

Then this sounds great.

My idea is, I don’t want to invest in mining. I want to use that time that I’m on the PC to translate to some passive income.

However, the idea about solar is great. Should I chose to invest in mining then that can be a thing. But right now I need to use my normal PC and internet connection to earn something out of it. That is why I have set my target so low like half a BTC.

Should that happen, that can be worth around 150-250K a year depending with BTC prices. So it’s not bad to start your new year knowing that you have a few months of rent to kickstart you off.

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which GPU are you using?

I’m not sure if it’s integrated in the processor or not but it’s the Intel HD Graphics 4000 with 2gigs of RAM

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Don’t waste your time on browser-based mining… The drawbacks outweigh the benefits: you might get scammed, it might never repay the cost…

If you want to mine profitably just buy some GPUs or ASICs (if budget allows), and mine some ether or monero…


Since you’ve mentioned it, how about browser mining using Monero. In fact, that is what I’m settling with. I can also get a bit cheeky and install it on my website :thinking::thinking::thinking:

By the way, it’s something that I’m looking at leveraging on my daily computer use to add some income passively.

So, I’m looking at 14-16hrs a day that my PC runs and calculate that for on average 300 days a year. If it can give me something that will be good.

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Damn my phone is faster than my PC when it comes to mining :neutral_face::neutral_face::thinking:

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Hebu try mining monero for a month then report back to us if it’s worth the wait :grin:

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I have done the calculations…machos tu :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:
I’ll try have a look at ethereum

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Jaribu mjengo tu. You will make more money there in a single day compared to mining on a browser.

Mining Monero on my 7700HQ at max 24/7 for a year would make me ~$12 richer.

Mining on my GPU (1070 mobile), I would make ~$65 in a year.

Bitcoin is even worse. If you are mining alone (not in a shared pool), you will never make anything.


Enyewe Afathali mining ya mjengo. I will try look for something else to earn passive income. Na hivyo ndivyo career yangu ya cryptomining imedidimia.

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Remember a few months I posted on how I set up two of our high power rendering desktops to mine crypto at night since no one is using the machines or the internet at night, well I would like to inform you after about 6 months or so I have made a total of 97 US cents, from hiring out my GPU power, totally not worth it unless you are setting up a farm, and with current power prices in Kenya just don’t


Monstrous. Hiyo stima but utapata huko cost of energy iko chini or maybe wanatumia solar

With all honesty, this money for one night out.

Your story is even sadder.

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