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Testing out creating a new topic as @Krizwech suggested.

I did initiate a software version update that I hadn’t completed till a few minutes ago, can’t remember exactly when I initiated it. Could be yesterday or today morning.

Kumbe shida ilikuwa ni wewe @martingicheru :smile: it finally posted after you posted this post

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Pole. When software updates happen, there is a Docker version update, then forum software update.
I updated Docker, then forgot and went on to do other things. I have updated forum software some 30 mins ago.

By the way , cloudflare registrar is now available specifically to existing cloudflare users .It’s a good way to save on the domain costs since you get charged the wholesale prices.
Hamisha hii domain and the related subdomains.

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Some good news for the holiday season.

If only dot ke domains could be registered outside the country. Kenic has to get with the program!

It’s good that you got a solution but still weird that no one else experienced the same issue. Some insight would be good.