COVID-19 Tracking App Support feature uploaded on all phones

So about a week or so ago some people noticed their phones getting sluggish for about a minute, well apparently this was google pushing a COVID-19 Exposure Notification feature on every Android phone. To see whether yours got this feature, go to Phone Settings > Google Settings, you’ll get it there.

iPhone users also weren’t spared by Apple, on iPhone it’s under Settings> Privacy >Health

Good thing is it’s off by default since it relys on your phones Location and Bluetooth being on and the presence of a contact tracing app installed in your phone

This API support library was added silently, but is a welcome feature on smartphones.

So why is pushing updates a problem if they can do this at will? planned obsolescence tu?

Loll. Was wondering the same thing…

Funny enough the Traditional Excuses of how hard it is to push Updates across different OEMs and Geographical Restrictions didn’t apply here…

But then if they dont force you to buy the newer device they wouldn’t be in business…

Shida ni OS yenyewe. Android is an open source project, so OEMs tend to tinker with it’s aspects. Hii layering sijui One UI, EMUI, HiOs, XOS, Realme UI, Color OS and so on and so forth makes it a problem to push upgrades. Updates za security patches come and go, and this is partly why stock Android devices tend to have longer support, The HMD Global Android One family, pixels, blah blah. Get the drift?

Fuchsia has been on the hush hush for a while, and if it ever comes, it’ll level the playing field, support for software updates and upgrades will come directly from Google, and that layering nonsense will be left to the Androids.

this does not fly since this update was pushed more or less seamlessly.