Corrupted firmware 5.0.2

I currently use Alcatel pop 2 and since i upgraded the firmware to 5.0.2,I’ve been experiencing weird malfunctions like automatic flight mode activation,camera app failure and screen insensitivity… Among others.
I was wondering if i should re-download the firmware since system reset doesn’t solve those issues. Kindly assist.

  1. How did you upgrade? Did you receive a notification to update your phone and went ahead to do so?
  2. Which Alcatel Pop 2 is this? Model number, any specifics (like what operating system version it was on before the update e.g. Android 4.4.2)
  3. Since you’re saying a factory reset doesn’t resolve the issue, a downgrade is advisable just as a test. I’ve been on Lollipop before only to go back to KitKat since it had very many bugs. However, clarify on points 1 and 2 for better understanding of your problem.