Copying is the foundation of innovation

Why do we feel the need to beat ourselves up for copying things that work, when the biggest tech and business giants like Facebook and Apple do it blatantly? See what Facebook did with Snapchat over and over, feature by feature. They took hash tags and usernames from Twitter. Twitter also copied a few things from Facebook, most importantly, the algorithm newsfeed. Apple has had it’s own past with smartphone features.

I see critics bashing startup founders for calling their startups “the Uber of xyz” and I feel that this sometimes is recipe of getting it right, or at least halfway there. Uber model as we know it, has been known to work outside the taxi model, otherwise Uber itself wouldn’t be venturing into UberEats. The Buzzfeed model has lead to an upsurge of gossip sites everywhere, and for a minute the owners have made money out of viral content.

We at Techweez have had our own inspirations, initially it was Mashable (when they were a tech establishment) and Engadget among others. This helped shape the visual of what we wanted to achieve. I’m sure the’s many examples, and as far as I know, innovation is not coming up with something new, but coming up with alternative ways of doing things. So you could build upon something that works to get better outcomes.

And that’s where copying may come in. If a company does something that’s successful, you also implement it, but try configure it different, that it will mean a better output than them. Not leaving it at what they have.

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