Copia e-commerce for rural and peri-urban areas (low internet usage)

GUYS i recently noticed some changes happening in my shags VIDEO we have jumia n kilimall in the cities but wasee wa ocha manze wako na ecommerce which they dont pay for deliervy cost hakuna kutumia bundles na unabuyie kila kitu mpaka kiberiti na unaletwa kwako (ur locality) actually they serviced their 1,000,000order this year february here is a blog i did for them .i think this is the best approach for ecommerce maybe the future of ecommerce it linking all vendors and consumers online


At least in the Kenyan situation, village shops aren’t famed for moving stock.

IMHO this concept would have worked better in urban slums where the economies of scale make sense for the price sensitive consumer.


wako muranga kericho kiambu i saw a video of a mathe who sold a stock ya 2m using copia in uthuri .also they was this other dude who brought all his construction material frm copia

How often will that mathe be clearing two million worth of stock? And how often do people buy building materials?

My point still stands. This idea doesn’t scale up in rural Kenya.

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december i think the sales can go up …even if it does scale up in rural area they will learn frm that failure also they are at a startup stage what they care most is occurring more customers

Because sitting on dead stock worked so well for Nakumatt? Cool story bro.

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