Converting Airtime to Airtime (Different Networks)

Ever since i discovered Safaricom seriously shortchanging their subscribers when it comes to talk-time i stopped buying Safaricom Airtime. The horror of topping up 100 bob for airtime only to be allocated a mere 23 minutes of talk-time is daylight robbery not to mention the 3 annoying beeps you hear when your airtime is about to get finished and you are forced to unceremoniously cut short your call.

Airtime Top-Up Illustrations
100 bob Safaricom Airtime = 23 minutes Talk-time i.e (100 bob ÷ 4.3 bob safaricom rate)
100 bob Airtel Airtime = 43 minutes Talk-time i.e (100 bob ÷ 2.3 bob airtel rate)
100 bob Telkom Airtime = 1 hour 6 minutes Talk-time i.e (100 bob ÷ 1.5 bob* telkom rate)

*1.5 bob Telkom Rate only applies when you subscribe to Telkoms “Voice Any Network Bundles

From the illustration above you can pretty much guess which mobile carrier i buy my Airtime from, Telkom Kenya ofcourse. Now recently, out of goodwill, a pal of mine sambazad 1,000 bob Safaricom airtime to my Safaricom line which got me both sad an excited at the same time. Sad that Safaricom would shortchange and only allocate a mere 3 hours 52 minutes of talk-time but excited that there are online services like Chura and DBS Kenya that convert Airtime to Airtime (Different networks), or to Mpesa if you need the cash, or to Paypal. My interest here was converting the Safaricom Airtime to Telkom Airtime. Now picture this;

1,000 bob Safaricom Airtime = 3 hours 52 minutes Talk-time
1,000 bob Airtel Airtime = 7 hours 14 minutes Talk-time
1,000 bob Telkom Airtime = 11 hours 6 minutes Talk-time

Notice the hours allocated for 1,000 bob Telkom airtime is slightly higher than that of Safaricom Platinum 2K Plus package which allocates 10 hours of Talk-time for a whole 2,000 bob SMH.

Chura was the savior when it came to Airtime to Airtime conversion you only incur 10% for using their service i.e. for a 1,000 bob airtime you get 900 bob converted airtime. 500 bob airtime gets you 450 bob converted airtime and so on. Unfortunately DBS Kenya doesn’t have this service. I have been using these two sites for a while now but noticed DBS Kenya changed their Airtime to Mpesa payment rate from 75% to 70%. If anyone knows any other site or app that offer these kinds of services with better conversion rates kindly share.


This is not true. Platinum+ 2k is not a voice only bundle. You failed to mention that it is bundled with 15GB of data and *unlimited SMS. For that, even a blind man can convince 1000 men with perfect vision that Safaricon wins.

I’m aware of this fact, my focus was on talk time within the bundle i have no need for their data bundle i do get more of it elsewhere cheaper and end up paying 1,500 bob a month for both talktime and data, still more affordable than Safaricom 2k plus.

Then your comparison lacks objectivity. I wish you picked on Safaricom Zidisha bundle or Advantage Plus that are focused on voice. Platinum or platinum+ is wrong package for your comparison.
Here are the rates:

Let’s do the comparison now…

Meaning you would buy the package and completely ignore the data?

Ndugu bado hakuna compe hapo, from your screenshot lets pick no.3 for example, Safaricoms Ksh 1,499 that gives 600 minutes (lenga hiyo 300MB that comes bundled within the package coz i’m not interested in it, ni voice tunadai hapa), lets also use their special call rate of 2.5 bob per minute. I can end the argument here as Telkom still wins this hands down with their 1.5 bob per minute call rate but lets just illustrate it for clarity purposes. I’ll even throw in Airtel to be all inclusive just for kicks.

1,499 bob Safaricom Zidisha Plan = 600 minutes = 10 hours 00 minutes Talk-time
1,499 bob Airtel Airtime = 652 minutes = 10 hours 52 minutes Talk-time
1,499 bob Telkom Airtime = 999 minutes = 16 hours 39 minutes Talk-time

Note: The 10 hours given by Safaricom can become shorter as the Plan calling rates fluctuate between 2.5 bob per minute on-net and 3 bob per minute off-net rate

Yes, i get 15GB data for 500bob on Faiba per month, hizo zingine ni monkey

@Deno05 deep down you know @Krizwech is right to compare telkom with Platimum+ 2k (Lemme just say platinum 2k, since “+” means you pay a deposit of 2k the first month…thats’s 4k total. platinum 2k has only 12gb and 400 minutes).

If you are a typical kenyan living in a place where safaricom is not the only network available, you can use 2k to get something better. 1k you get 666 minutes from telkom, and the remainder gets you 25gb Faiba data. You need sms? just use whatsapp or get 50 sms for 5 bob from telkom whenever you need them.

Safaricom used to be good when it didn’t throttle data (on torrents) and there were unlimited daily data bundles. The only good thing about saf nowadays is FTTH, and Mpesa depending on who you ask.

My point was and is, compare voice to voice. I didn’t mean safcon is cheaper in any of the packages. In fact, it won’t beat any of Telecoms.
And yes! I know he is right. But I was particularly interested in his comment,

You would buy a whole package and ignore data? Then go for Zidisha or advantage plus. (I don’t mean they are cheaper)

Very true, i’m subscribed to Safaricoms FTTH and totally agree nothing else can compare. I only use their SIM card for Mpesa. My phone is a twin SIM so naturally SIM 1 is allocated to Telkom for calls and text while SIM 2 ni ya Safaricom juu ya Mpesa and receiving calls from people who know the line and can’t call my Telkom line juu watakatwa airtime kuruka :smile:

Calling Rates za hizo packages mbili bado ziko juu hata kushinda Airtel baba. Inakaa wewe ni Safcon diehard but until safaricom adjusts to better voice calling rates huko mimi sirudi i’m in Telkom to Stay. Even Safaricoms recent 1 bob per minute for 18 bob for 24 hours meat package bado haimek sense.

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No am not. I just felt you were comparing two unequal packages. I agree with you calling rates zote za saf ni expensive.

Hiyo kitu ni scam because you must exhaust the package in 24hrs.
The only good thing with Safaricon is their network. Those in rurals can relate.

I think you said it best. The only reason I use Safaricom is because there are no alternatives. It may also be the reason Safaricom is expensive. Their network is almost everywhere, not only in Nairobi(enter any city) CBD like Faiba, Airtel and Telkom.

Also finally nimejua ku quote so nipigiwe makofi :blush:


Btw I get 4G in shagz and my phone is always 3G regardless of location. Airtel? I get drop calls on 2G, 3G is none existence just as Telecom… Faiba DOES NOT exist :joy::joy::joy:

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