Content packs (for Netflix, YouTube)

Content packs are not very common in Kenya, but do you think having dedicated data bundles for content is a good idea?

For example you buy 10GB to use strictly on YouTube or Netflix.

Safaricom has such a bundle, dubbed video bundles and they are usable for ShowMax as far as I know.

Yes for ShowMax. Would you buy if a pack for YouTube was available?

Abroad they have this where if you sign up to any bundle, as long as you stream 480p, it doesn’t count towards your data bundle.

Was discussing this with some residents right before they agreed to sign up to Safcon FTTH - If there was an option for those who sign up to get bundles matching their package - 10Mbps gives upto 5 numbers 10GB mobile data each, even if it’s capped at 3G+ it would make FTTH more attractive.

Abroad this is achieved by giving people 10GB mobile tethering when they buy a bundle - Say Airtel UnlimiNET and they don’t count streaming video - netflix etc - towards that cap.

At their prices you might as well just pay for home internet and consume it there, download offline if you need to travel.

Naaah. It’s never that serious. Offline Playback is enough for now - until the ads get to you and you either stop or pay $9.99 YouTube red to stop the ads.

I mainly consume vidoes at home where I have WiFi. But if I was living in an area that doesn’t have cable connectivity, I’d definitely consider.