Confusion about choosing the right Motherboard

I wanted to upgrade my motherboard and did little research for the same purpose. And so on I went through this article:

As I have no idea about the best way to choose a motherboard, I found every motherboard here equally fascinating which increased my confusion more. So, can anyone suggest me the motherboard which would be a little help for gaming too?

What CPU you have will dictate your upgrade path. you will need to find out what chipset your cpu supports and the size of motherboard that will fit your case before you can start comparing features between motherboards. Your cpu might support several chipset families so i would suugest first you read up on the various chipsets yours cpu might support. please note that some features require that both the CPU and motherboard support it (eg:going for a more expensive chipset which supports overclocking while your CPU is not overclockable).
this article might help.


also I’d like to point out that its more likely that its the cpu or gpu thats is the cause of the poor gaming performance you are having… dont know your situation but unless you have very high end cpu/gpu its highly unlikely that the motherboard is bottlenecking your system