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Same situation here, i havent received any update, i’m using a winpad 10

I’d hold back a bit if I were you, seeing the kind of problems the Winpad has had in previous updates

I downloaded the anniversary update on my windows PC and it messed up my log-in PIN. Had to use my password.

My sticky notes are a mess, I can’t find them. I have lost them, basically. And I don’t know if rolling back will restore them, or if it’s worth the work.

This alone is enough to scare me from the Anniversary update. My life revolves around Evernote and sticky notes. If Windows messed them up then I’d be totally done. This is why I’ll just be patient and wait for the update instead of force-downloading it.

you know what!? Ihonestly don’t think i will be installing that anniversary update AT ALL!! There are so many people on so many forums using all sorts of computers, and laptops, having all sorts of bugs, its acually worrying. Perhaps microsoft should go back to the drawing board because honestly these complaints are way too many to overlook.

I update to the Anniversary update a couple of days ago. It works totally fine for me. Well, on the first day I lost Bluetooth connectivity but a further update solved the issue. Not going back.

So far I faced a couple of issues & bugs:

  1. Cortana is now fully part of Windows. You can’t turn it off. If your old school just wanting plain oldsearch without nifty suggestions from Miss/Mr Cortana, I’m afraid this will disappoint you.
  2. Sometimes the auto complete search tool won’t list results when you type. The results are actually there but they are not visible (like white text on white background) which is annoying.
  3. The start menu tiles flash intermittently which makes the whole start menu and menu bar totally unresponsive and unusable. I have had to do CTRL + ALT + DELETE -> restart windows explorer to get the menu working again. This reproduces a lot if I switch from my laptop’s screen to a HD monitor between a cycle of sleep states. It also happens randomly.
  4. Lock screen hangs sometimes after sleep. Had to cold boot today.
  5. The inbuilt VPN feature UI sometimes is buggy, It refuses to display the connect and advanced options menu so you have to restart the connect process again.


  1. Sleeker animation experience, user interface especially the Metro UI, notifications center, icons.
  2. Better support for casting to wireless display and audio devices.
  3. Boots up faster than the previous version

I run a humbled Core i7 2.1Ghz on 8G RAM and 1TB HDD so my hardware will likely not be at fault for making the OS misbehave.

Interestingly enough today is when I got an email from the Windows Insider Preview Team to try Windows Anniversary.

I think you might want to wait for patches to come through but if you’re a Power User / Dev Ops / System Guru stay on it and evolve with the changes!

It’s been interesting watching windows evolve from Windows 3.1 all the way to Windows 10. I have used every version of Windows since 1994.

My sticky notes!

I’m hoping there will be an update to get them back the way they were. There was so much organization and plans in there.

There hasn’t been a fix yet?

Humbled? Mine is a Core i5 2.3Ghz, 8GB, 1TB.[quote=“akimaru, post:24, topic:667, full:true”]
There hasn’t been a fix yet?

No fix yet.

Pole sana. The few times as a system admin when you can’t recover from a tragic event!! Let me research about it and see what guys are saying. Hope a fix comes by. The last time I lost quite some notes and now I use Google Keep which is simple notes on the cloud. Would have stuck to sticky-notes if they could backup them up on Onedrive!!

Anyone know how big the update is?

Um, I’m sticking with tried & true Windows 7 Professional!
Actually, I’m back playin with Linux (Mint, Xubuntu, LXLE, CrunchBang, BunsenLabs, Ubuntu et al) like I used to around 1998 (Corel Linux, Linux Mandrake, LibraNet, Xandros) when I was doing my CompSci internship.

I urge you all to quit fawning over ‘new & shiney’. Honestly, I’m not impressed with the way Microsoft is shoving this spyware down everyone’s throats. It’s obvious they also deliberately sabotaged Windows 7 AFTER SP1. They just couldn’t leave the most popular Windows EVER alone. Now, most IT pros can’t even trust their updates.

Whenever I look at a Windows 10 laptop, it’s usually gobbling 3 out of 4GB RAM and hardly doing anything except maybe having Outlook 201x, Word open & a browser open. Perhaps I’m generalising, but I hate when an OS needs to take up over 2GB of my RAM without running any other apps.

No thank you, I’m sticking with Lucky 7 – until extended support ends in 2020. By THEN, Linux will be vastly IMPROVED in every facet imaginable for the home and SMB marketplace - especially in the developing world where budgets are tight and Open Source is seen as a way of empowering society while cutting costs.

And to add insult to injury, Windows 10 just might turn out to be Big Brother’s best friend. Everyone knows the FBI had a key to basically get thru the backdoor to any Windows PC. See:

No thanks, I’m sticking with what I know! :wink:

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So is it recommended to update now or should one wait for more stability?

If those issues we raised don’t bother you, by all means, go ahead. Otherwise if I knew I’d lose precious sticky notes I’d have waited for my device to be ready, I guess it’s something to do with force updating.

UPDATE: Turns out the sticky notes weren’t gone after all. They were there all a long, just layered so thin you couldn’t tell the others were underneath the one visible. You know, previously I had them spread out to cover the whole desktop when open.

I got my sticky notes! :confetti_ball: :confetti_ball::confetti_ball::confetti_ball:

JuSt got my Windows 10 Anniversary update. I hope I don’t get lags. Will update you when I use my laptop more. I don’t use it much though especially now that I am on vacation.

Everyone seems to have an issue with it so i wouldn’t advice you to update jut yet

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So I guess I’ll just wait then. :+1: