Comments on Windows 10 Anniversary update

So as of today normal users can download and install the Windows 10 anniversary update. I am one of them and already downloading it.

I will update on anything new I find. Or if anyone here already has, share your experience.

Kindly let us know how it works out!!

W ill be waiting to hear from you.

Meanwhile, anyone struggling with the new Windows 10 for Lumia 640XL like me??

Download is a bit slow, I’m on Zuku 4mbps it’s just hit 33%. @barbzy you are probably the third one in this forum to own a Windows phone alongside @NairobiWP and @Pascal.

Did you “force download” it or you just got a prompt to download it?

Why am I not getting it? What have I done wrong? :disappointed_relieved:

I force-downloaded, went to settings, windows update then after checking that there is no update available, I clicked ‘learn more’, took me to this page

Click “get the anniversary update” to download the exe to initiate download and you’re good to go.

The time is now…


What am I going to do with my life all that time?

Already downloaded the update. One thing for sure you’ll notice are the animations. More sleek ui animation experience. Right from the start screen.

Start menu has changed.

Quite some appealing cosmetic changes on the UI.

Yes, Cortana does not need you to have US regional settings, it works out of the box.
The start menu also has app download suggestions with arrows pointing down. Start bar also has extras with a certain layout change that will take some time to explain. The notifications area icon has been moved to the right of the date and icon is different.

finished updating my laptop its so smooth but some apps crushes on launching and having touch issues on my phone since the last cumulative update

To add onto this, the idle screen that shows some nice images before the lock screen is all black, the image doesn’t load. I’m using a Lenovo U430p.

UPDATE: My computer just restarted itself like the usual scheduled updates. this problem looks fixed. Wait! Is Cortana reading what I type even before I give her permission?

Also after the restart, the computer re-opened the apps that were there before the reboot. These include the browser (Chrome) and Paint. Should have had the notepad app on as well to see whether this is the new norm, all apps being restored like they do with Office apps.

Update: Day two. I think Windows 10 Anniversary update is a battery hog, at least for me. I have noticed a huge change in battery capacity for my computer.

Same situation here, i havent received any update, i’m using a winpad 10

I’d hold back a bit if I were you, seeing the kind of problems the Winpad has had in previous updates

I downloaded the anniversary update on my windows PC and it messed up my log-in PIN. Had to use my password.

My sticky notes are a mess, I can’t find them. I have lost them, basically. And I don’t know if rolling back will restore them, or if it’s worth the work.

This alone is enough to scare me from the Anniversary update. My life revolves around Evernote and sticky notes. If Windows messed them up then I’d be totally done. This is why I’ll just be patient and wait for the update instead of force-downloading it.

you know what!? Ihonestly don’t think i will be installing that anniversary update AT ALL!! There are so many people on so many forums using all sorts of computers, and laptops, having all sorts of bugs, its acually worrying. Perhaps microsoft should go back to the drawing board because honestly these complaints are way too many to overlook.